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Pumas vs Morelia September 15, 2013 Week 10 Preview

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The Pumas vs Morelia match will have Pumas host Morelia for their Week 10 match at the Estadio Olimpico Universitario on Sunday, September 15, 2013 at 10:00 AM PST.

Pumas- trying to hold the record

Against Morelia, for the last 10 games in 4 years, Pumas has come up victorious. In recent history, the last championship of the UNAM team was obtained at the expense of the Michoacan based Morelia. However, this season, things are not looking up for Pumas as their position in the standings is second to last and their playing style is still not appealing.

Jose Luis Trejo started off with a draw against Pachuca last week. Now, Trejo is expected to bring this team to a better position, though their chances to reach the post-season seem minimal, but it is worth trying and making the effort, as there is still half a season left to play.

Morelia- seeking regularity

Carlos Bustos has turned Morelia into a more offensive team, and with the scoring streak of Jefferson Montero and Edgar Andrade, they seem to be on a roll and ready to get to the playoffs. However, they go against Pumas, who even though are not in their best shape, might represent a threat and at any time might wake up, as Bustos said over the week.

Morelia has been a regular team in the past couple of years, and they need to take that impulse and use the momentum to reach the playoffs and continue towards the championship. Standing in second place in the standings, they appear to be on the correct path.

Pumas vs Morelia Prediction: a game that might not be very fast. Perhaps we’ll see more action on the sidelines with players like Montero, Aldo Leao and Salinas moving the ball for Monarcas and Cortes and Candido Ramirez for Pumas. My prediction is a draw with the score ending 1-1.

Pumas vs Morelia Television: The match will be televised this Sunday, September 15, 2013 at 10:00 AM Pacific on Univision.