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USA vs Mexico 2-0 Highlights – El Tri might miss the World Cup

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The USA vs Mexico World Cup Qualifying match held in Columbus on September 10, 2013, ended with a 2-0 win in favor of the home team, with the crowd happily chanting “Dos a Cero”. Showing no improvement from the devastating loss against Honduras, Mexico was easily defeated by the superior US squad. This proves to be the fourth consecutive time the USMNT defeats Mexico in Columbus by a score of 2-0, hence the “Dos a Cero” chants.

The first 15 minutes of the match were eerily similar to the Mexico vs Honduras game- Mexico dominated and was very close to scoring. However, as time progressed, Mexico reverted to the awful form it has shown all year long. By the second half, Mexico was absolutely ineffective on the attack… and midfield… and defense, of course. Defensive mistakes in the 50th and 78th minutes by Mexico allowed Johnson and Donovan to score the game-winning goals.

This result leaves Mexico with just 8 points after 8 matches. The Honduras vs Panama match ended in a 2-2 draw, meaning the USMNT will go to the World Cup. On the other hand, Mexico’s hopes of going to Brazil via one of the automatic qualifying spots will be almost null; Mexico will have to defeat Panama at the Estadio Azteca in October, in order to secure the 4th placed playoff spot. El Tri will then have to play a playoff against New Zealand in November.

With just 1 month left before the last 2 Hexagonal matches, it is very likely the FMF will quickly appoint a new head coach to replace interim coach Tena. The three contenders for the position are Vucetich, Boy, and Miguel Herrera. Whoever is the new coach will know that going to Brazil will come down to the playoff against New Zeland. First, however, Mexico will have to defeat Panama in October.

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