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AZTECAZO – Mexico vs Honduras Highlights 1-2, El Tri close to elimination

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The Mexico vs Honduras World Cup qualifying match ended in an unprecedented Aztecazo, with Honduras taking a historic 2-1 win at the Estadio Azteca. After a somewhat convincing first half by El Tri, Mexico collapsed in the second half and allowed the two goals that lead to their defeat.

Mexico has dropped out of the top three spots of the Hexagonal, and is in real risk of missing out on automatic qualification to the World Cup, or even the 4th place playoff spot. With just three matches remaining, including incredibly difficult games at USA and Costa Rica (the other is a home game against Panama), Mexico is, for the first time in decades, facing elimination in the Hexagonal.

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Now, the question is whether the FEMEXFUT will fire Chepo de la Torre, a coach who has proven unworthy to lead El Tri, immediately, or following Tuesday’s game against the USA. There are not many games left in the qualifiers, and unless Mexico can pull off the upset win against the USA, El Tri will be fighting for just a playoff spot against New Zealand.

For months now, everyone had been asking for the release of Chepo de la Torre, the FEMEXFUT decided to wait too long, and now have a mess on their hands. It will be interesting to see how big the fallout of this loss against Honduras will be. For now, El Tri needs to somehow recuperate for a difficult away match against the United States. Another loss there could plunge Mexico deeper to the bottom of the Hexagonal standings.