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Alajuelense vs America Concachampions – August 29, 2013 Prediction and TV Schedule

The Alajuelense vs America CONCACAF Champions League will be held this Thursday, August 29, 2013 (7:00 PM Pacific) at the Estadio Scotiabank.  Club America will play their second match in the Concachampions, where they defeated Sporting San Miguelito in the first match.  Alajuelense will also play their second match, but unlike America, they lost their first game against the team from Panama.

Club America made their debut in this year’s CCL tournament on August 7, when with a goal by Christian Bermudez they defeated San Miguelito.  That win has them on top of Group 4 with three points, where a win against Alajuelense will leave them as sole leaders.  The team coached by Miguel Herrera is a clear favorite to win the group, and most importantly, one of the favorites to win the tournament.  The ‘aguilas’ have been phenomenal in the Liga MX, and one should expect for that form to transfer into the game in Costa Rica.

Alajuelense began the competition in bad form when they lost on the road against San Miguelito.  Considering there are only 3 teams per group, any loss could translate into elimination.  On Thursday they face the strongest team in the group, and while a win looks like an improbability, with a tie they will remain alive.  The team coached by Oscar Ramirez will play on the counter-attack, with hopes of keeping their goal intact.

Alajuelense vs America Prediction

The Alajuelense vs America match will end in favor of the Mexican team.  Club America will most likely use an alternate squad; however, the team from coapa is highly talented, therefore they will have more than enough to defeat the team from Costa Rica.  Alajuelense knows that a loss will put them on the edge of elimination from the competition, therefore they will give America a good battle.  The Alajuelense vs America will end in a 3-1 win for the visitors.

Alajuelense vs America TV Schedule

The Alajuelense vs America Concachampions match will be televised this Thursday, August 29, 2013 on Galavision at 7:00 PM Pacific.