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Pumas vs Tigres Liga Bancomer MX Preview August 4, 2013

Pumas vs America 2018
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The Pumas vs Tigres match will have Pumas host Tigres for week 4 of the Liga MX at the Estadio Olimpico Universitario on Sunday, August 4th at 10:00 AM PST.

Pumas, trying to not lose

Pumas comes back from facing Toluca with a tie and almost no action, although there were a few attacking plays, Pumas did not seem better off than in any previous games. Torres Servin has had a talk with the President of the Club and the message was clear, if any of the next three matches end in a loss, he can say goodbye. He dodged a bullet against Toluca, but, to be honest, Toluca did not play a good game either.

Against Tigres, Nahuelpan might see action, as he is eligible to play again. This, perhaps, will be his chance to prove himself, and another way to see how he gels with Cortes and Candido.

Tigres, surprisingly bad start

Tigres started the season a week later than what was scheduled, with a duel pending against America scheduled for October. Tigres have only played two matches, however, the surprise comes when both of their games were lost.

Tuca Ferretti might not be able to count with Emmanuel Villa on the front as he might be injured. Thus, Tigres will have to rely on the virtues of Lucas Lobos and Damian Alvarez to move the team upfront and obtain their first points of the season.

Pumas vs Tigres Prediction

This game is always a classic and for both sides it is an important one. Pumas is in urgent need of a win and Tigres is in the same situation, so both teams will go out to get the victory.  This game will be fought on both ends, slow at times and imprecise due to the nature of the teams at this moment, a draw is my prediction with a goal for each team.

Pumas vs Tigres Television

The Pumas vs Tigres match will be televised on Univision this Sunday, August 4, 2013 at 10 AM Pacific.