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America vs Atlas – August 3, 2013 Prediction and TV Schedule

America vs Atlas

The America vs Atlas Liga MX match will be this Saturday, August 3, 2013 (3:00 PM Pacific) at the Estadio Azteca.  This match will be the first match at home for the ‘aguilas’ since their outstanding championship title in the past Clausura 2013 when they defeated Cruz Azul in penalty kicks. However, this match will not be remembered for the return of the champions, but rather, for the farewell of ‘a champion’, Christian ‘Chucho’ Benitez.  Club Atlas will have the pressure of a packed Azteca stadium in a game where they cannot lose as that will put a lot of unneeded pressure to their bad start to the Apertura 2013.

The Azteca stadium is ready to see their championship team return home.  The return of the Clausura 2013 could not be in a more memorable atmosphere in front of a sold-out scenario who will also say their final good-bye to Chucho Benitez who passed away this past Monday due to heart-failure.  The Club America management will have a small tribute for the player prior to the match, while fans will applause throughout the eleventh minute in respect to the now legendary player who wore the number ’11’.

Club America postponed their first two games of the season due to having five players in the past Gold Cup 2013.  During the week they played their first match of the season against Leon and tied 1-1, partly due to a missed penalty kick by Rubens Sambueza in the 95th minute.  Leon was superior in that game, but that is also because America has not achieved top form as they barely began their season.  Against Atlas, America is almost forced to win considering the magnitude of the scenario.  A win will put the team from ‘coapa’ on the right track, while anything else will begin to raise questions as to how long it will take to have the team return to top form.

Club Atlas has had a mediocre start to their season after tying two games, and losing one; they have scored 5 goals, and conceived 6.  The team is still adapting to the style of new coach Omar Asad; however, in the meantime they have played below average.  There are a lot of questions regarding the ‘rojinegros’ because their highly talented defense has had difficulties, putting in risk the team’s major weapon.  As for their offense, they did not sign any players in the off season, which will put too much pressure on veterans Matias Vuoso and Omar Bravo.

America vs Atlas Prediction

The America vs Atlas game is this week’s match of the week.  In terms of talent, the Morelia vs Xolos match has more quality, however, the match at the Azteca stadium will be a memorable day in the history of the Liga MX.  It will have 100,000 America fans saying their final farewell to their biggest idol in recent years, Chucho Benitez.  It will be a game of high emotions, at that will transfer into the players’ performances.  The ‘aguilas’ will have an amazing match, earning their first win of the season.  The America vs Atlas match will end in a 3-0 match for the team from ‘coapa’.

America vs Atlas TV Schedule

The America vs Atlas Apertura 2013 match will be televised this Saturday, August 3, 2013 on Univision, at 3:00 PM Pacific.