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Mission Impossible?: Atletico Mineiro vs Olimpia Copa Libertadores Final TV Schedule and Prediction

Atletico Mineiro vs Olimpia July 24, 2013
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The Atletico Mineiro vs Olimpia Copa Libertadores final will be held this Wednesday, July 24, 2013 (5:00 PM Pacific) at the Estadio Mineirao.  The Copa Bridgestone Libertadores 2013 is 90 minutes away from completion; in the final are Paraguay’s Olimpia, and Brazil’s Atletico Mineiro.  On Wednesday night, only one team from the initial 38 clubs from 11 countries will be crowned champion.  Olimpia won the first-leg at an outstanding atmosphere at home by a 2-0 score.  The Paraguayans only have to maintain the lead, therefore, will two goals be too much for Atletico Mineiro to handle?

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Update: Atletico Mineiro win the game 2-0, forcing penalty kicks. Mineiro Copa Libertadores champions after winning 4-3 in PKs.

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First-Leg Highlights

Olimpia arrives into Brazil with a 2-0 lead that will be incredibly difficult to hold.  The Paraguayan team played a perfect match during the first leg in front of a terrific stadium atmosphere.  At the Mineirao, Olimpia will have to face the same atmosphere, except this time against them.  The key to win the Libertadores title is to not play defensively against a top offense like that of CAM.  If they play defensively, it will give the Brazilians sufficient time to score more than two goals which will ultimately give the home team the lead.  Newell’s Old Boys played defensively against CAM with a 2-0 lead, and lost that lead for the same reason.  Meanwhile, when Xolos of Tijuana played in Belo Horizonte, they were offensive and controlled the game.

Atletico Mineiro will have one of the most nerve-racking and difficult games in their history.  They are down by two goals, and they need at least two goals to tie the aggregate score and force the game into over time.  On Wednesday they will have the support of over 60,000 fans who will aid their team to make a historic win.

The team coached by Cuca has had bad performances in their past Libertadores matches.  Against Olimpia that has to end, while players like Ronaldinho, Jo, and Diego Tardelli need to return to the form the were in when the Libertadores began.  The Estadio Mineirao will be witness to the tournament’s greatest game, and the team that plays more aggressively will be crowned 2013 champions.

Atletico Mineiro vs Olimpia Prediction

The Atletico Mineiro vs Olimpia final will be an exciting match between the tournament’s two top teams.  Olimpia was not the favorite to win against the Brazilians, but after last Wednesday’s match, they demonstrated that they are no easy rival.  Nonetheless, they will have to resist Atletico Mineiro who has not lost at home in over a year, and who has had “winner’s” luck in the past two stages; they accessed the semifinals after Xolos missed a last minute penalty, and passed into the final after defeating Newell’s at home after the Argetines had the game under the belt.

On Wednesday, Olimpia is the favorite to lift the trophy; however, there is something with Atletico Mineiro and luck when they play at home.  Like the Brazilian fans say, “Caiu no horto, ta morto”.  Well, Olimpia will not be able to defeat Ronaldinho’s team who will have their best match of the Libertadores.  The Atletico Mineiro vs Olimpia match will end in a 4-3 aggregate score for the Brazilian side; Atletico Mineiro will be Copa Libertadores 2013 champions.

Atletico Mineiro vs Olimpia TV Schedule

The Atletico Mineiro vs Olimpia Copa Libertadores final match will be televised this Wednesday, July 24, 2013 on Fox Deportes at 5:00 PM Pacific.