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UdG Leones Negros vs Pumas Copa MX 2013 Prediction and TV Schedule

Leones Negros vs Pumas

The UdG Leones Negros vs Pumas match will have UdG host Pumas at the Estadio Jalisco on Wednesday, July 24th at 7:00 PM PST, for what will be their first match in the Copa MX 2013.

Leones Negros, going for the 3 points at home

Leones Negros started their season in the Ascenso MX with a tie against Estudiantes, and have had time to get ready for their match in the Copa MX. They will look to get the 3 points at their home, the majestic Estadio Jalisco.

Leones Negros is one of those teams that have a history and that had some great seasons many years ago. UdG is now looking for stability, in order to search for a spot in the long run for a promotion to the Liga MX. Pumas will be a great test to see what this team is made off and to acquire more experience in their search for the promotion.

Pumas, looking for their first win

Pumas started off the season by tying against Puebla. After a good 80 minute run with the win in the pocket, the scheme that Torres Servin had in mind did not work in the end, as Puebla tied in the last minutes of the match to steal a point.

It was a good game, however, for both new players Candido Ramirez and Ariel Nahuelpan, who seem to be getting in sync. As both Ramirez and Nahuelpan get more minutes, they will be able to improve their game. Against Leones Negros, it will be a good chance for Torres Servin to try things in the offense and see what could work for the near future.

UdG Leones Negros vs Pumas Prediction

The Leones Negros vs Pumas match will be a tight encounter between two very similar teams. Ok, not that similar, but I had to point out that their both owned by a university, and both have a wild cat as their mascot. Leones Negros is a team that will have the willpower to get the win due to the nature of the adversary. Pumas will probably take this game as a chance to try new things. We might see a fast game back and forth but slow in emotion. I predict the Leones Negros vs Pumas match will end in a 1-1 draw.