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Mexico vs Spain U-20 World Cup : El Tri for the Pass into the Quarterfinals

Mexico vs Spain July 2, 2013
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The FIFA U-20 World Cup match, Mexico vs Spain, will be this Tuesday, July 2, 2013 (8:00 AM PST) in Istanbul.  After their miraculous pass into the round-of-16, Mexico will attempt to remain alive in the competition when they face the ‘rojita’.  Spain comes into this knock-out match as the favorites after winning all of their matches in Group A; the tricolor only won their last match, and lost their first two.

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Update: Spain defeated Mexico 2-1, thanks to two goals in the last 20 minutes, including a 91st minute goal. Mexico wasted several opportunities throughout the match to get a bigger lead, but failed. Disappointing tournament for Mexico’s U-20 squad.

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Seen as the prime match in the round-of-16, the Mexico vs Spain game will have two strong teams where the winner will be an important cup favorite.  Spain has been wonderful in their first three matches, while they cannot underestimate Mexico who has the talent to succeed, but who simply has not payed up to form.

Mexico will look to prolong a recent history of success in their youth systems with a win against ‘La Furia’.  The tricolor has won two U-17 titles since 2005, the 2012 Toulon Tournament, the 2011 Panamericans, the 2012 Olympic gold medal, and finished 3rd in the 2011 U-20 World Cup.  Considering this, Mexico is ‘the’ giant in youth teams, therefore a loss against Spain on Tuesday will be seen as a failure for a country who has grown used to medals in the ‘mini-tris’.  The winner of this match will face the winner between Uruguay and Nigeria in the quarterfinals.

Mexico vs Spain Prediction

Mexico did not play terribly during the group stages, but they were not efficient offensively and that led to two early losses.  In their last 4-1 win, the tricolor seemed to finally mesh offensively and defensively, and if they play the same way against Spain, they could advance into the quarterfinals.  Spain on the other hand has been good since game 1, and they are now the cup’s favorites.  They posses future gem strikers along with a potent midfield and defense.  If the rojita proceeds to play like they did in their first three wins, they will advance without a problem into the next round.

Mexico played well last game, but they will not be able to defeat who has been the tournament’s best team thus far.  The Mexico vs Spain match will end 2-0 in favor of the Europeans.

Mexico vs Spain Television

The Mexico vs Spain U-20 World Cup round-of-16 match will be televised this Tuesday, July 2, 2013 on ESPNU at 8:00 AM Pacific.