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Fans attack team President in Argentina!

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Committee members from Argentina’s team, Independiente de Avellaneda, had a public meeting planned for this Friday, June 28, 2013.  In that reunion, they were going to speak on the new rising prices for the team’s partners, when suddenly a group of angry fans stormed the floor and attacked the committee which was lead by Independiente president, Javier Cantero.

Independiente is a top team in Argentina, but was recently relegated into the country’s Primera B.  Ultras from the team manifested on the streets the wrong leadership and direction by the team’s president, Cantero.  When the assembly was beginning, many angry fans ran towards the speakers and began to throw everything from slurs, to seats and tables.  It was an ugly scene nonetheless, and the committee members were forced to rush out of the building for their safety.

The problems inside the building did not stop there as many fans were also being vocal on the streets.  Independiente was relegated for the first time in their history after a loss last June 15.

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