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Tahiti vs Nigeria Confederations Cup June 17, 2013 – Polynesian Miracle?

Tahiti vs Nigeria June 17 2013
Estadio Magalhaes

The French Polynesian Confederations Cup dream will begin this Monday, June 17, 2013 (12:00 PM PST) in the Tahiti vs Nigeria match at the Estadio Magalhaes in Belo Horizonte.  Tahiti will play in their most in important international tournament when they face Africa’s champion, Nigeria.  Nigeria is the clear favorite to win this game, however, due to internal manifestations, they did not arrive into Brazil until early Sunday.  Tahiti will attempt to use that to their advantage, with the idea of getting close to Group B first place, Spain.

Tahiti is ready for a humongous challenge when they face Nigeria on Monday.  The team from the small island is in this tournament after winning the title in their continent in which they defeated New Zealand and New Caledonia. Moreover, Tahiti’s roster is composed of only 1 professional player and 22 amateurs.  When they play Nigeria, it will be interesting to see what they really are made of. Nobody has them even scoring a goal in this cup, never mind earning a point.  However, these players are not in this tournament with the hope they will come back with a trophy, but rather with the idea that their dream became true of playing prestigious teams in a prestigious cup.

Nigeria’s mentality could suffer when they play Tahiti.  The winner of the African Nations Cup only arrived in Brazil this Sunday due to salary protests within the team.  Maybe they arrived late because they knew they play an amateur squad, however, the mentality of this team could be in the wrong place.

Tahiti vs Nigeria Prediction

Tahiti is excited, happy, and nervous to be in the eyes of the entire world when they play in their first major international competition on Monday.  This is a team that will be rooted by almost everyone as they are the major underdogs in the Confederations Cup.  However, they are composed of a group of 22 amateur players and only one professional, meaning they will have a very difficult time against Nigeria.

Nigeria, although late to the tournament, will be ready to play against a much weaker team.  This is a team that could access the semifinals, and winning against Tahiti by a large margin is a must.  The Tahiti vs Nigeria match will end 4-0 in favor of Nigeria.

Tahiti vs Nigeria Television

The Tahiti vs Nigeria Confederations Cup 2013 match will be televised this Monday, June 17, 2013 on ESPN and Univision at 12:00 PM Pacific.