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Highlights: Mexico vs Costa Rica 0 – 0, Time for Chepo to go?

Flickr/Lucy Nieto

The Mexico vs Costa Rica qualifying match held at the Estadio Azteca on June 11, 2013, ended in a 0-0 draw. You could look at it on the positive side, and say that Mexico has earned another clean sheet, they are undefeated through six qualifying matches, and are still favorites to go to Brazil. Or, you can look at it as yet another failure for El Chepo’s Tri.

This Mexico vs Costa Rica 0-0 draw represented the 5th tie Mexico has achieved in the Hexagonal. The draw also marks the third consecutive time Mexico has tied at the Estadio Azteca 0-0. Out of a potential 18 points, Mexico has only earned 8. Mexico is still very much in the fight for a spot in the World Cup, but with only 4 matches remaining in the Hexagonal, it’s anything but a given.

Mexico looked, once again, flat and uninspired on offense, barely generating any scoring opportunities. There are deep issues in El Tri, and I believe Chepo is the cause of all of them. He plays a predictable style that every CONCACAF coach knows he will use. Chepo tries to use a counterattacking style, something which does not suit Mexico at all, specially when it plays CONCACAF rivals. He has no idea what to do to fix the offense (just 3 goals score in 6 matches).

After the Mexico vs Costa Rica 0-0 draw, will Chepo de la Torres be fired? No. The Confederations Cup starts next Saturday, and the FMF will not release him with a tournament starting in such short notice. However, if Mexico is disgraced in the Confederations Cup, I am confident El Tri will have a new coach in time for the Gold Cup in July.

Is the qualification to the World Cup in jeopardy for Mexico? Not yet, Mexico will have 4 games remaining, although 2 of them will be away matches at the USA and Costa Rica. Mexico will be forced to win both of its home games against Panama and Honduras, and at least get 1 point off Costa Rica.

Overall, Mexico has looked awful throughout 2013, and in my opinion, Chepo de la Torre should resign out of shame, and make space for a coach who can lead El Tri’s talented roster.

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