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Highlights: Mexico vs Panama 0 – 0, Yet Another Draw

Panama vs USA
Source: Flickr - Della Cella

The Mexico vs Panama World Cup qualifying match held in Panama City on June 7, 2013 ended with a 0-0 draw. Each team had few scoring opportunities, but neither really gave it their all to go for the win. Chepo keeps wasting his incredibly talented team with timid formations and playing styles that generate nothing but draws.

Through 5 Hexagonal matches, Mexico has already drawn 4 times, the lone win coming against Jamaica this past Tuesday. Sure, the Mexico vs Panama 0-0 draw is better than a loss of course, but Mexico’s playing style is what worries me the most. Mexico just can’t seem to generate enough scoring opportunities, an amazing fact, considering this squad has Chicharito, Dos Santos and Guardado.

Chepo’s team has deep problems, and will have to come up with a victory at the Estadio Azteca against Costa Rica next Tuesday, or he might very well be fired (small chance, but he will face immense pressure). This Mexican squad is supposed to play the Confederations Cup in less than 8 days, and it appears they will be an embarrassment, considering how they’ve played in 2013.

Mexico is currently tied for first with 7 points, although it has played 1 more match than the USA and Costa Rica, which both also have 7 points. Chepo needs to find answers, and he needs them fast, although Mexico is undefeated, it has certainly not played to the level the fans expect. A negative result at the Estadio Azteca, combined with an early exit from the Confederations Cup could mean the end of the Chepo era with El Tri. This Mexico vs Panama match showed that Chepo is faraway from establishing a playing style in El tri.

Panama did it’s part, it successfully kept the 0-0 draw without resorting to playing bunker-ball. A point earned against what is supposed to be the best team in CONCACAF is a worthy result. Furthermore, Panama still remains undefeated, although that will be tested when it travels to the USA on Tuesday.

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