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Highlights: USA vs Germany 4 – 3: Breakout Game

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The USA vs Germany friendly held on Sunday, June 2, 2013 was supposed to be a strong test for the USMNT’s defense (it was), what was unexpected were the 4 goals the Americans scored. The USMNT took advantage of its scoring opportunities to bang in 4 goals, although it’s defense has once again allowed numerous goals.

Although the US won a game where the media had predicted they would be defeated, everything is not alright for the USMNT. The USA vs Germany match was supposed to help unify the American defense, and this was not what happened. In the last week, the USMNT has allowed 7 goals (4 against Belgium and 3 against Germany).

Of course, a win over Germany is always great (even against its B side), and the 4 goals scored are a huge improvement over the severe lack of offense the USMNT has shown under Klinsmann. Nonetheless, the defensive issues still remain, the US defenders have struggled against speedy attackers. When they face Jamaica in the qualifiers on June 7th, the USA will face a very quick team that will use the long ball to beat the sluggish American defenders.

Overall though, it was a good match for the USMNT. They got a win over a tough rival, many goals were scored (Altidore finally scored for the US), and they gave a good display to the fans at the RFK Stadium.

Enjoy some more USA vs Germany Highlights

Ridiculous mistake by the German Keeper:

Badly Needed USMNT goal for Altidore: