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America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013 Preview – May 26, 2013

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The America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013 will be held at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, Club America must defeat Cruz Azul by 2 goals to win the Liga MX championship. The first leg of the America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013 ended with a 1-0 win for Cruz Azul at the Estadio Azul. The key aspects of the match was a superb day by goalkeeper Corona, a tight encounter in the midfield, and a slight advantage for Cruz Azul going into Sunday’s match at the Estadio Azteca.

Keys to winning the America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013

Club America has success, triumph, and history within their reach.  They host in-city rivals in their biggest and most important game in over 6 years.  In 2007, they reached their last final, but lost it to Pachuca who was in their highest form at the time. On Sunday night, the ‘aguilas’ have various things they need to follow in order to become Clausura 2013 champs vs Cruz Azul:

  • Play without fear of Cruz Azul’s 1-0 lead.
  • Use the 100,000 fans in their favor; the Azteca stadium will be on its best shape, and Club America cannot take this for granted.
  • Cruz Azul will like begin the game in a defensive, counter-attack style;  with one of the best offenses in the Liga MX, America has to pressure in all directions from the first second.
  • This will like be Christian Benitez last game with the club; he needs to play like he wants to be remembered in ‘coapa’ history as the player who gave them their 11th title.
  • Play with the idea that they are playing against Chivas of Guadalajara.  With 10 titles, Club America is only 1 away from their top rivals Chivas who has 11.

On the other side is Cruz Azul.  They are one of the ‘Big 4’ in the Liga MX, and have won 8 titles in the first division.  However, they have not been crowned since 1997, and this Sunday they are only 90 minutes away from triumph if they can hold the ferocious Club America offense.  These are Cruz Azul’s keys to win the America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013:

  • America has received a goal in 4 consecutive matches; pressure their defense, and aim for at least 1 goal.
  • Cruz Azul’s offense has been a goal scoring fest since winning the Copa MX; they cannot play defensively for 90 minutes against a top offense like America.  If the cementero’s best weapon is scoring goals, then play in that style.
  • Defense has not been so bad either; Cruz Azul has received 1 goal in the past 3 matches while playing offensively; again, play like they have been, and they could win the Clausura 2013.
  • If Mariano Pavone is available, he will be key to their system in order to not de-assemble their winning system.
  • Do not be afraid of a packed Azteca stadium.

Who will win the America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013?

Cruz Azul won the first leg of the America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013 by a score of 1-0, will that advantage be enough to earn the title? It’s unlikely that America will finish the game at the Estadio Azteca without scoring at least one goal, the first leg of the America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013 proved that America can generate plenty of opportunities, they were just unlucky that Corona had such a good game.

America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013
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My final prediction for the America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013 is that America will win in penalty kicks, after ending regulation and overtime with a 2-1 win. The match will be exciting, and it will be one of most memorable championship matches in recent times.

You can watch Club America vs Cruz Azul live on Univision this Sunday, May 26, 2013 at 6:00 PM Pacific. Don’t forget to leave us a comment below, and give us your prediction for the America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013.