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Highlights: America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013 – America Wins in Penalties

America vs Toluca
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The America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013 was the type of game that you couldn’t even see in a movie script. America gets a man red carded early in the first half, Cruz Azul scores and takes a 2-0 lead in the aggregate score. There’s 1 minute left in the game and it looks like Cruz Azul will end a 15 year championship drought.

But wait a minute, it’s not over yet.

America scores one goal in the 89th minute, they needed just 1 more to push the America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013 into overtime. Moises Munoz, the Club America goalkeeper, moved up for a 93rd minute corner kick, and scored the second goal for America with a diving header, forcing the game into overtime.

The overtime was dominated by Club America, which had several opportunities to score and win the title outright. All throughout, it looked like Cruz Azul was the team with 10 men, not America. Overtime ended with the aggregate score tied 2-2, it would all be defined via penalty kicks.

America scored all of its penalty kicks, while Cruz Azul missed its first two, Club America thus won its eleventh title. This America vs Cruz Azul Final was one of the most exciting championship matches in recent history, may I even add, surpassing the excitement of yesterday’s Champions League title.

FutnSoccer had predicted that the America vs Cruz Azul Final would end in a 2-1 victory for Club America, we were right, and are happy to have had the opportunity to watch such a beautiful game. However, even leading sports sites knew this America vs Cruz Azul Final would be a tough encounter. Boy, were they right. Epic, pure epic-ness, that’s the only way to describe this Liga MX title match.

America vs Cruz Azul Final – Why America Won

If I was only to give one word as to why America won the Liga MX title, it would be heart. Down to 10 men, needing 2 goals just to force the game into overtime, Club America never gave up. In fact, they appeared to be the team with 11 players, always generating offensive opportunities, keeping Cruz Azul cornered on their own side of the pitch.

America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013
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Cruz Azul also committed mistakes. Coach Vazquez didn’t take advantage of having an extra man on the field, always allowing America to maintain possession. Also, in the penalties, Vazquez had none of the forwards shoot the PKs, a decision that ended up costing him the title. The Club America vs Cruz Azul Final match has ended with yet another loss for Cruz Azul in a championship series, prolonging their 15 year drought.

It all ended with an America vs Cruz Azul final score of 2-2, which was defined 4-2 via penalty kicks. Club America are the well-deserved winners. Everyone should get ready for 6 months of Americanistas bragging on and on.

Here are videos of the America vs Cruz Azul Final Penalties

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