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America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013 – Destiny Awaits

America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013
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The majestic Estadio Azteca will host the America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013 second leg match on Sunday, May 26 (6:00 PM Pacific). These two teams have a heated rivalry that spans through 40 plus years of Mexican soccer history, adding an extra layer of significance to the always important Liga MX championship. The first leg ended with a 1-0 victory for Cruz Azul, America must win on Sunday, or their bitter rival will be crowned Clausura 2013 champions.

Thursday’s match at the Estadio Azul was a contested affair that showed a somewhat reserved level of soccer, with both teams opting to hold back a bit, possibly due to the high stakes of the game. As the highlights of the 1-0 America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013 show, neither team displayed the great offensive playing style we saw in the rest of the playoffs. With Cruz Azul coming in to the Estadio Azteca with a slight advantage, needing just a draw to become champions, it is unlikely that we will see a fluid playing style from them. Expect another tight encounter with a reserved score.

Club America was stifled by Jesus Corona’s great goalkeeping in the first match, where he stopped a series of great scoring opportunities. At the Estadio Azteca on Sunday, Club America will be forced to score on Corona, or they will end another season without earning a title. America needs to win by a 2+ goal differential to earn the title outright, a 1 goal differential victory would push the game into overtime (no away goal rules in the final).

Chucho Benitez is the key for Club America, if he is playing at his 100%, Club America will win this match and the Clausura 2013. Without Benitez playing at a top level, it will be extremely hard for America to overcome Cruz Azul, unless Raul Jimenez has an outstanding match. Can Club America defeat a tough Cruz Azul and win the title?

America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013 Prediction

The America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013 match will be a tight encounter with few scoring opportunities. The 1-0 lead Cruz Azul earned in the first leg will entice Coach Vazquez to pull his team back, hoping to counterattack. America will attack without leaving too many open spaces in the back, Herrera will not want to gift Cruz Azul any easy counterattacking opportunities. That’s why this game will be tight, with both teams risking little until they are forced to (America, when time is running out; Cruz Azul, if they allow a goal).

The America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013 will be tight, but it will be entertaining. The Estadio Azteca will be packed, the players will play at the highest intensity, and each decision made on the pitch will be magnified. After 90 minutes of regulation play, I predict the match will end 2-1 for Club America, forcing the game into overtime. Club America will take the victory in overtime and add their eleventh title.

America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013 Television

The America vs Cruz Azul Final 2013 will be televised on Univision this Sunday, May 26, 2013 at 6:00 PM Pacific.