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Dream Teams: Cities That Would Be a Great Addition to The MLS


What Americans have come know as soccer the rest of the world recognizes as football. Regardless of the nomenclature, this sport has enjoyed an unprecedented amount of popularity in recent years and the enthusiasm for this fast-paced and skilled game has now taken a firm foothold in the United States. The fans here come in all forms; from those who simply enjoy observing the synergy of skill and finesses of world renowned players to those who employ the uses of such sites as www.wageronsports.com to place a healthy wager on football matches. Regardless of the reason, football in the United States has arrived and it seems to be there to stay.

One of the main reasons that many feel that football and football wagering have become increasingly popular is due to the fact that such international celebrities as David Beckham have brought a bit of glamour and glitz (not to mention a great deal of skill) to what was simply thought of as “soccer” only a few short years ago. Many Americans can now be seen wagering online football bets as to which team may become the next great champion. Whereas football may have been misinterpreted by many as two American teams hoping to score a touchdown on the proverbial “gridiron”, this sport has risen to such fame that now tournaments such as the Super Clasico draw the attention of countless fans from across the globe. What is perhaps more interesting is that America has fared altogether well in this recent match.

The Impact of David Beckham

While the allure of this game cannot be understated, it is also important to note that one of the clauses of his contract for the MLS (Major League Soccer) Association states that he has the right to establish a new franchise in the American league. While Beckham has been featured on numerous websites and advertisements, his fame is now centered as much around his ownership status as it is around his prowess on the pitch. This now opens up the door for other cities to boast a potentially championship level team. Such a possibility has not fallen on deaf ears in the states and many individuals bet US cities such as New York, Miami or Phoenix may be up to the task. So, which cities would be the hometowns of choice for Beckham?

New York
New York is undoubtedly a top choice due to the sheer diversity of the population as well as the number of fans that are already present. While they most likely will already follow the New England Revolution, a team closer to home would make an excellent addition to the impressive sports roster that New York already boasts.

Considering New York, why not keep the rivalry between the Big Apple and Boston alive by inserting another team here? The fans themselves have a historical competitive nature that can be traced back for more than half a century and pitting two football teams from these cities against one another would surely be an unforgettable sporting event. Those who bet on sports would choose their odds very carefully in such a match.

Phoenix is also a city of choice due to the rather temperate climate and a relative lack of well-established professional teams. The warm, dry weather would serve to acclimate many South American and other equatorial players and would also be a great training ground for American players that may have to play in much warmer climates. A good example of an upcoming game can be the 2013 finals that will be played at the Estadio Azul in Mexico City. All fans that will be wagering online bets will certainly be watching this match.

When climate is concerned, Miami would be another wise choice. However, the humid temperatures are not the only reason that Miami would be optimal. Due to the high percentage of Latin Americans that have been residents for decades, football is already a well established institution and many enthusiasts following proven sports betting strategies believe that the Miami youth may represent an as-of-yet untapped resource for the next generation of champion players.

What is perhaps most interesting is that the popularity of football in the states is still viewed to be in its infancy. Many enthusiasts are still unaware where to wager on football matches and which betting websites offer the most amenities. Nonetheless, the popularity of football will only continue to grow into the foreseeable future and Americans may very well become some of the most avid fans on the planet.