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Xolos vs Atletico Mineiro Date and Ticket Prices Set


The Conmebol announced the date for the Xolos vs Atletico Mineiro Copa Libertadores quarterfinal match. The first leg of the 2-game series will be played at the Estadio Caliente in Tijuana on Thursday, May 23, 2013 at 5:30 PM Pacific.

Xolos are offering those that have the XoloPass (season tickets) preference to buy tickets first. Only fans with XoloPasses will be able to buy tickets from Friday, May 17, to Monday, May 20. After that, the tickets will be sold to the general public.

Tickets for those with XoloPasses will only be available at the ticket booths of the Estadio Caliente (a huge hassle for those of us who live in the USA). It’s possible that once sales to the general public begin on Tuesday, that the tickets will be available on Ticketmaster, and even at the Plaza Bonita mall in Chula Vista, CA. Although no official word has come on this, so don’t count on it. The prices (quite expensive) for the Xolos vs Atletico Mineiro are listed below:

  • VIP: $850 Pesos
  • Zone 1: $700 Pesos
  • Zone 2: $700 Pesos
  • North Numbered: $500 Pesos
  • South: $450 Pesos
  • North: $400 Pesos

Ticket prices will thus be in the $35-$75 USD range, somewhat typical prices for American standards, but extremely expensive for Mexico. This is, however, possibly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s very hard for a Mexican team to qualify to the Copa Libertadores, and extremely rare to even see one make it this far into the tournament. Add in that the experienced Ronaldinho will be there, and you have a perfect recipe for a sold-out stadium, even at these high prices.

This could also potentially (hopefully it’s not) be El Turco Mohamed’s last game with Xolos at the Estadio Caliente. Yet another reason to buy tickets for this match.

If you have any questions about how to buy a ticket, or how to get to the stadium, please drop a comment below, I’ve been a XoloPass holder since 2011. Thanks!


    • I just checked Craigslist-San Diego and the Xolos Fcbk page and scalpers are going as low as $80 in the cheapest section (normally 400 pesos) to as high as $250 (normally 700 pesos). They are way overpriced, but maybe you could negotiate the price down if you buy more than one. Good luck.

      On a good note, the next time Xolos qualifies into the Libertadores, the stadium will have 33,333 seats.

  1. Just wanted to give an update, as of Tuesday night, May 21, 2013, all tickets for the Xolos vs Atletico Mineiro game have been officially sold out. Your only option to purchase now is through scalpers.

    • Hi Rosie – Unfortunately, it seems that due to the high demand the Xolos administration did not put the tickets up for sale in the Mexican Ticketmaster website. This has happened before in the playoffs of last season, and during the final; and trust me, it angered more than just a few (me included). I would say your best bet will be to go on the xolos facebook page or on craigslist to buy it fro other ppl who already have tickets (they will be very expensive). Good luck and as a Xolos fan I wish to see many A.Min fans like yourself at the stadium

  2. Hi, I want to buy a ticket for the game… I am living in Kansas right now, and I want to buy a ticket in the Atletico Mineiro side! I am trying on site, but I am not finding tickets! How can I buy before the game? I don’t want to buy in the stadium! And about security, the Atletico Mineiro fans will have support?

    • Hi Leticia,

      The sale to the people without Xolopass will begin this Tuesday. Usually, some of the tickets are made available on ticketmaster.com.mx. Since this is a high demand game, there might not be tickets sold online (no official announcement by club yet). I suggest you go on ticketmaster very early Tuesday morning and check for it.
      There is always a section cordoned off for away teams, I will assume it will be the same for this match. The stadium has never had a problem with aggressive fans, and this shouldnt be the exception. Even if you get a seat surrounded by Xolos fans, there will be no issues, unless you are aggressive towards them.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. I currently live in San Diego and i was born in brazil. Im a diehard Atletico mg fan and would love to go to the game. How is the stadium and what sections is for visiting team fans? Would i be able to buy online? Thanks and good luck

    • Hi Rafael, the stadium is for 23,000 people, so it’s fairly small for soccer standards. This means that almost all seats have a very good view (not like the nosebleeds at Qualcomm). The away fans sit in the North Section in the far right section, which is cordoned off ($400 Pesos), which is general admission, people come in 1-2 hours before match start to reserve a spot.
      However, I haven’t seen any away fans in the other Copa Libertadores games, so I’m not sure if Atletico fans travel well.

      If your concern is fan violence, do not be worried, Xolos fans are very friendly, there were many Brazilians rooting for Corinthians, and there were no issues.

      Xolos hasn’t announced, though the tickets are usually sold on ticketmaster.com.mx (the Mexican one, it’s all in Spanish). I would expect for a high demand game like this, only tickets will be sold at the Estadio Caliente ticket booths. You might try asking their English Facebook page.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

        • Yup, if you got the $400 peso Norte tickets, that’s where most of the Mineiro fans are going to be at. May I ask how you got your tickets?, there’s plenty of Mineiro fans who would love to know where to get them.


          • yep $400 pesos each but i got a mark up for 600 pesos each in norte. I have a connection with some clients and he had a guy in tijuana buy it for him ….


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