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Top 10 Websites to get your Liga MX News in English

Mexico vs Honduras

Are you a Liga MX fan that wants to get Liga MX coverage in English? Well, you’re in luck, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 English sites that focus on the Liga MX. With the growing population of second-generation Latinos that love Mexican soccer, and increasing Liga MX coverage on ESPN, the need for English coverage of the Liga MX is growing. Get your fix here (in no particular order):

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Jason Marquitz, a yank living in Mexico City, runs this blog. He writes about current events in the Liga MX, and always has an interesting point of view. Come here to get a good dose of well-written articles infused with well-thought out opinions. And, he’s not a Club America fan, extra bonus.

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The newest website on this list, the brain-child of the original founders of MedioTiempo, the leading soccer website in Mexico. Although they focus more on European soccer, they still have good English coverage of the Liga MX, and a great website design too.

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Tom Marshall is a leading sports journalist that writes for several professional websites. To my liking, he is the most knowledgeable, English-speaking, journalist that covers the Liga MX. Check out his twitter for his latest articles.

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On top of having an awesome name, Jonny is also a great blogger that covers the Liga MX. He writes for several sites around the web, check out his twitter for his latest articles. Be warned though, he is a Club America fan, although he likes the Xolos too, so that almost makes it okay.

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Yes, you’re reading it correctly, I am including my own site on the list. And it’s not because I’m an egomaniac, but because we have a great core of writers and a group of outside contributors that cover the Liga MX and Mexican soccer in general. If it’s your first time visiting, check out our different sections, if you’re a regular, thanks!

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Liga MX subreddit

For those of you who don’t know what reddit is, let me explain, it’s basically a big forum that is subdivided into smaller categories. People form groups to discuss their favorite topics. The Liga MX subreddit is new and somewhat small, but it’s a great bunch there. Be sure to check it out, there’s always an interesting discussion going on, and plenty of links to Liga MX news in English.

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The Mexican Soccer Show is a podcast that focuses on, yup, you guessed it, Mexican soccer. Two people on this list, Jonny Rico and Tom Marshall, are actually hosts on the show. This weekly podcast is a must for any Liga MX fan.

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FMF State of Mind

Probably the oldest blog on this list, FMF covers all things Mexican soccer. Although not updated as frequently, it is still a aesthetically beautiful site with good content and great authors.

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ESPNFC & Fox Soccer

I’m putting these last two in the same section. They are the giants in the sports media industry. If you want to get detailed stats for the Liga MX, these would be the places to visit.

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Well, that’s 10. With these sites you should fulfill your daily dose of Liga MX coverage in English. If only we had consistent English coverage of the matches, that would seal the deal. But having a couple of games a week on ESPN2 is a helluva start at least. Hope there’s more to come.

If you know of any other English sites that cover the Liga MX, drop a comment below!