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America vs Pumas Liguilla May 11, 2013 – Second Leg

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The America vs Pumas Liguilla 2013 second leg match of the quarterfinal stage will take place this Saturday, May 11, 2013 (3:00 PM Pacific) at the Estadio Azteca. Club America won the first leg of this quarterfinal series on Wednesday by a score of 1-0 (see the highlights here), and have a very good chance of moving on to the semifinals.

America vs Pumas
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Club America played a fantastic game at the Estadio C.U. this past Wednesday- good defense and counterattacking plays was the strategy set forth by Miguel Herrera. A Pumas that has struggled on offense all season long, never found a way to break through the tough defensive apparatus America set. Instead, Pumas allowed a goal on a counterattack play, which puts them almost out of contention.


The 0-1 loss Pumas allowed at home causes huge problems, they must now defeat Club America at the Estadio Azteca by scoring at least 2 goals. Due to the away goals and playoff seeding rules, Pumas would be eliminated with a loss, a draw, or even a 1-0 win. Pumas has to win with a score of 2-1, 2-0, 3-1, etc. Quite a difficult task for the Universitarios.

When you look at the stats for both teams, you can see why Pumas has such a difficult task ahead of them. Club America had the third best defense in the regular season, Pumas had the 10th best offense, America allowed 2 or more goals in only 4 matches, and Pumas scored 2 goals or more in only 5 games. All statistics point towards Club America moving on to the semifinals.


However, all is not lost for Pumas. The Estadio Azteca is a vast stadium that has plenty of space for Pumas followers (both teams based in Mexico City), this won’t really be a true away game for Pumas. Also, Club America has had difficulties overcoming foes it should defeat at the Estadio Azteca: draws against Toluca, Puebla and San Luis, and a loss in the Copa MX semifinal against Cruz Azul. Thus, although small, Pumas still has a shot at pulling off the upset.

America vs Pumas Liguilla 2013 Prediction

The second leg of the America vs Pumas quarterfinal will prove to be more open and free-flowing than the first leg. Pumas is forced to scored at least 2 goals, this means they will move up lines looking for the goals. This in turn will create plenty of space for Benitez and Jimenez up top; they will wreak havoc on the Pumas defense. The 1-0 home loss really complicated things for Pumas, they will be forced to play an offensive game at the Estadio Azteca, a style they are not suited for. Club America will defeat Pumas 2-1 at the Estadio Azteca. The America vs Pumas Liguilla quarterfinal second leg will be entertaining, and the Azulcremas will end up the winners.

America vs Pumas Liguilla 2013 Television

The America vs Pumas match will be televised on Univision this Saturday, May 11, 2013 at 3:00 PM Pacific.