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America defeats Chivas 2 – 0 in the ‘Super Clasico’

Club America to the finals?

The Chivas vs America 2013 ‘Super Clasico’ match had a bit of controversy, injuries, a red card, and an ‘aguilas’ 2-0 victory.  The game which was played late Sunday, March 31, 2013, was held at the Estadio Omnilife in front of a sold-out stadium.  It was a nice atmosphere which was ready for the most anticipated match of the Clausura 2013, and even the biggest ‘Harlem Shake’ in the world.

The game began with several fouls, a superior Chivas team, and sadly, with 2 injuries.  The game was barely taking form when Jorge Enriquez was forced to leave the game with a gruesome knee injury 11 minutes into the game.  Several minutes later, Chivas captain Hector Reynoso also left with a muscular injury.  In the 30th minute Jesus Molina from Club America had a goal annulled after a foul by player of the game, Raul Jimenez.  The game changed dramatically in the 36th minute when Sergio Perez was given a rigorous 2nd yellow leaving Chivas with 10 men.  To make things worse, Marco Fabian suffered his team’s 3rd injury forcing Chivas to make a 3rd substitution 8 minutes into the 2nd half.

During the second half there was only one team on the field, and that was America.  They were dominant, had clear possession of the ball, and were efficient in their scoring opportunities.  Mexican star on the rise, Raul Jimenez, scored on two headers giving America a clear 2-0 victory.  This win not only leaves America on the top-3 positions of the standings, but it also allowed them to possess bragging rights in this rivalry at least for the next 6 months.

Enjoy the Chivas vs America 2-0 highlights!
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