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Pumas vs Leon Liga MX Week 11 – March 17, 2013

Pumas vs America
Pumas vs America, Flickr: Gonzalez Veron

The Pumas vs Leon match will have Pumas host Leon on Sunday, March 17th at the Estadio Olimpico Universitario in Mexico City at 11:00 AM PST.

Pumas, a different story

Although Pumas still has a lot to prove, it is evident that they have been getting better. Their position in the standings as number 5 shows it.

It is still a fact that Pumas needs more confidence and deliver in the offense, Bravo has been going from less to more but needs to improve his game. Robin Ramirez and Luis Garcia need more minutes to show their game.

Against Leon, it will be a good opportunity to solidify the collective game that Pumas has been showing. Torres Servin has now no excuse not to focus on the Liga MX, since Pumas are off the Copa MX and can concentrate fully in the tournament. Players like Cortes and Bravo will be key against Leon’s defense.

Leon, far off from last season

Leon is at the other side of the coin in comparison to last season’s standings. Matosas has struggled to maintain the good game that was a signature for them last season, and that took them to the semifinals after coming back to the first division.

Leon will not count with Nelson Sebastian Maz who is injured and this will also be a factor. Leon is also with the worst goal difference, something that is reflected in their position, 17th in the standings.

Matosas has not yet seen the pressure from either fans or the Leon ownership, however; not getting any points from Pumas will put a big weight if he wishes to continue with the Esmeraldas. He needs a victory in order to feel better and continue working towards next season as this one can be written off for Leon.

Pumas vs Leon Prediction

The Pumas vs Leon match will be a tough game for both teams. Pumas is still under pressure, as they wish to lock the qualifying position and seek a spot in post-season. Leon is looking for some points that make them look better to their fans and save Matosas from being terminated. The Pumas vs Leon match will have Pumas stay home with the 3 points with a score 1-0.

Pumas vs Leon Television

The Pumas vs Leon match will be televised on Sunday, March 17, 2013 (11 AM PST) on Univision.