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America vs Neza 2013 Copa MX – February 27, 2013

The America vs Neza 2013 Copa MX match will be played in Neza on Wednesday, February 27 at 4:00 PM Eastern. America has won all 4 of its Copa MX matches, and is already guaranteed a spot in the quarterfinals. Neza is already knocked out of contention.

Even though America has already qualified to the quarterfinals, Miguel Herrera will want to see his team maintain its perfect run in the Copa MX. Furthermore, it gives talented America players a chance to get regular soccer: Mina is a clear example of this. Expect Club America to go out to Neza looking for a big win.

America is coming off a tough away loss at Santos, and will be looking to recover somewhat by beating up a much weaker Ascenso MX rival. However, don’t expect to see any of the regular America starters on the field; although the alternate squad should be more than enough to easily defeat Neza.

Neza is already eliminated from the Copa MX tournament, so it will be interesting to see if they will show up with an alternate squad, or even a C squad, hoping to save the best payers for the Ascenso MX. However, it is still expected to be a full house at the home stadium, whoever gets on the field for Neza will give it their best attempt to defeat the historic Club America.

America vs Neza Prediction

America has proven over 4 Copa MX matches that the Ascenso MX teams are no match for them. Expect Club America to come out dominating, looking not just for the win, but for a complete blowout. Neza doesn’t have much of a chance, event playing at home. The America vs Neza Copa MX match will end in a 3-0 away win for America.

America vs Neza Television

The America vs Neza match will be televised on Univision Deportes this Wednesday, February 27 at 4:00 PM Eastern.