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San Luis vs Morelia 2013 – Week 3

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Pumas vs San Luis Source: Flickr - alihf

The San Luis vs Morelia Clausura 2013 match will be held at the Estadio Alfonso Lastras on Saturday, January 19, 2013 at 10PM Eastern. Neither team has won a match yet, and both are coming off of close losses. Both teams are hungry for a win, and the players should demonstrate this intensity on the field. Which team will get its first win of the season?

San Luis started off the season with a solid start, tying Santos 1-1 at home. The week after, San Luis found themselves in Mexico City 1-0 ahead of Cruz Azul early in the second half. Unfortunately for them, Gimenez had two fantastic goals for Cruz Azul, and the Reales ended up with a tough loss.

San Luis is a squad that doesn’t face high expectations from its ownership or even its small group of loyal fans. Not getting into relegation trouble is the only thing that coach Fentanes needs to worry about. However, this doesn’t mean that the squad and specially the fans, don’t want the team in the playoffs. A win against Morelia would place San Luis on an early start towards the playoffs. A loss would leave them with 1 point and already far away from the playoffs.

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Morelia is in sort of a similar situation to San Luis. Morelia drew 3-3 at home against Cruz Azul in a very exciting match that opened the Clausura 2013. Last week, Morelia visited Monterrey and lost 1-0 in a match that they could/should have been able to tie- Monterrey was not superior. A loss against San Luis would leave Morelia with 1 point and in a tough spot, as the team could lose a shot at the playoffs due to bad early results.

San Luis vs Morelia 2013 Prediction

I believe that both San Luis and Morelia will be more afraid of losing than eager to win. You can expect a highly defensive match with both teams risking little and hoping to earn at least a draw that will add a point to their meager earnings so far. The San Luis vs Morelia match will end in a 1-1 draw.

San Luis vs Morelia 2013 Television

The San Luis vs Morelia match will be shown on Univision Deportes this Saturday, January 19, 2013 at 10 pm Eastern.

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