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Merida vs Pumas Copa MX 2013 – Week 1

pumas vs merida
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View the Merida 1-0 Pumas highlights here.

The Merida vs Pumas Copa MX 2013 match will be held at the Estadio Carlos Iturralde on Wednesday, January 16th at 7:00pm PST.

Pumas- trying to correct the mistakes

Pumas had a bad game against Queretaro in their latest Liga MX match; after the red card for Marco Palacios, Pumas went down in a game that could have been an easy 3 points for them. Torres Servin used Robin Ramirez at the end of the game when he clearly could have been a starting player.

Luis Garcia and Eduardo Herrera have not had much chemistry on the field, they seemed off and disconnected. Romagnoli and Chiapas also haven’t had much to offer in the midfield. Perhaps its time for Antonio Torres Servin to start using Robin from the beginning, and see what he is made of. Due to Bravo’s injury, we will not be seeing them together in action, but maybe Luis Garcia and Ramirez might be able to accomplish something.

Against Merida, it appears to be the perfect time to try these things, whether the score is in their favor or against, Pumas must use this game to try to fix the mistakes in the midfield that are holding the team from moving forward.

Merida, looking for another win

Merida hosted Pumas last year and won by 3-1, which made their fans quite happy since they beat a ‘giant’ (“equipo grande”) of the Liga MX.

After coming from a loss in the Ascenso MX against Leones Negros, Merida will try to put everything in their match against Pumas. Knowing that with a win, they will have a great chance of moving forward in the standings, and have a more relaxed match at the Estadio Olimpico Universitario when they have to pay the visit to Pumas.

Merida vs Pumas Copa MX Prediction

Pumas needs to try different things and they can write this match off if they please. It is certain that they need to do something to fix the mistakes and find the key to wining and getting the points. Merida will be at home and motivated by facing a team from the Liga MX, they will put all their efforts in getting the win. I Predict the Merida vs Pumas Copa MX match will end in a 1-1 draw.

Merida vs Pumas Copa MX Television

The Merida vs Pumas match will be televised on Univision Deportes at 7PM Pacific.

View the Merida 1-0 Pumas highlights here.