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Creating A Soccer Field: What You Need To Know

We all know about the important ways sports can help with our development. They teach us skills like teamwork, leadership, and how to kick a ball between the goal posts. We learn to work together to achieve a common goal. We learn the art of being a gracious winner, and usually we learn how to be a gracious loser, too. We see the importance of training and practice, and we watch as our hard work pays off with scoring the winning goal. Yes, sports add a lot to our lives. But before we can start to learn from a sport, we need to have the tools necessary for that learning. In soccer, that means we need a soccer field, a ball, and the teams to populate them. The ball is easy enough to get (simply walk into a sporting goods store) and building the team is something every organizer needs to do on his own, depending on his needs and community, but building the field is not so hard and can be done by following simple, basic guidelines. If you are considering creating a soccer field, here are some answers to your likeliest of questions.

First and foremost, how much does it cost to build a soccer field?
A lot will depend on where you are buying the land and what the particulars of the purchase are, but soccer fields generally cost about $400,000 to create.

What do I need to consider before buying the land?
It’s important that you do not make a purchase without doing the requisite homework. First, is the location central? Is it accessible from a major highway? Are there environmental concerns? Is it zoned for recreation? What is the quality of the soil? These are a few of the most important questions to ask before making your purchase.

How much land do I need?
The general rule of thumb is to buy as much land as you can afford. The field itself is about two acres, plus you will want an acre of parking, and then you will likely benefit from additional land for concessions, picnic areas, restrooms, etc.

Where do I get the money?
If you are a non-profit without a lot of collateral, look for other forms of financing besides banks. The U.S. Department of Agriculture runs a Rural Development Program that allows the bank to loan as much as 100% of what you need. You should also consider tax-exempt bond financing. You should also consider charging more for membership, and increasing fees for vendors on the property.

What are the biggest obstacles facing those people building soccer fields?
The biggest reason soccer fields don’t get built is financial. Aside from that, there are also occasionally legal constraints as well as environmental constraints.

Do I need to hire an engineer?
While hiring an engineer may not be absolutely necessary, it is certainly within your best interest to bring on a professional who has built soccer fields before and knows how to do it.

Do I need to hire a contractor?
If you work with a good engineering firm, it will likely help you find a contractor. Selecting a top notch contractor will make the planning and building processes significantly easier for everyone involved.
Sound like a lot of work? It is! But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.

About the author: Earl Reidlen has written poignant articles for the sports world for many years. When he’s not busy writing or fishing with his son, you can find him reviewing companies like M.Putterman. Click here for more information.