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Xolos Tijuana vs Leon 3 – 0 Highlights Liguilla Semifinals Second Leg

Xolos vs Corinthians
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Xolos needed a perfect game to overcome Leon and go through to the final. The Tijuana based team did just that, playing what is surely their best match in its entire Liga MX history, and soundly defeating Leon 3-0. The 2-0 loss in Leon meant that Tijuana needed to win at home by a score of 2-0, or, if Leon scored, win by a three goal difference.

El Turco setup a great starting formation, which consisted of the attacking trident of Riascos, Moreno, and Fidel Martinez (aka Ecuadorian Neymar), who hadn’t played since week 14. Xolos went on the attack from the very first minute, and the crowd kept up a high intensity throughout the entire match. Martinez scored the first goal for Xolos, and Riascos the second.

Matosas decided to play a much more defensive formation than it had previously used, hoping the 2-0 cushion would be good enough. This backfired, as Xolos were able to take the 2-0 lead midway through the second half. Leon tried to attack from then on, but was only able to have one close chance near the end. Instead, Richard Ruiz scored the 3-0 goal for Xolos off a counterattack.

Enjoy the Xolos Tijuana 3-0 Leon highlights:

[youtube hHCGAakFw0E]

[youtube 6sS7dbCGYPc]

For those of you who speak Spanish, this is a “El Color del partido” type video:

[youtube XqF-51WdjIo]