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Xolos Tijuana vs Leon 0 – 2 Highlights Liguilla Semifinals First Leg

Leon had yet another fantastic home game, defeating Xolos by a score of 2-0; when Matosas’ team plays at home, they simply appear to be unstoppable. To further confound things for Xolos, El Turco probably had his worst game of the season, committing several mistakes.

Down 2-0 with plenty of time to play in the second half, Turco subs out Alfredo Moreno, a striker, and subs in Olsina, a 34-year old winger who hadn’t played an official match in months. Turco then subs out Joe Corona, a midfielder, for Raul Nava, a forward who is yet to score a goal all season long, and who is more of a defensive forward (the type of guy you put on when your winning and need to hold the score). Finally, Turco subbed out Richard Ruiz, a speedy wingback, for Hernandez, a defensive midfielder…

Why El Turco would make these subs is beyond me, he could have at least put Fidel Martinez, the Ecuadorian Neymar, on the field and give him a chance.

With this 2-0 score, Xolos must defeat Leon by a 2-0 score in order to go through. However, If Leon scores at the Estadio Caliente, Xolos would be forced to win by a three goal difference (4-1, 5-2, etc.). Given that Leon has the best offense in the league, it is hard to think that Leon will be kept without a goal, thus making Xolos’ task almost impossible.

Enjoy the Xolos 0-2 Leon highlights:

[youtube FDP-AtJHGPE]