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Xolos Tijuana vs Leon Liguilla 2012 – Liga MX Playoffs First Leg

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The first leg of the Xolos Tijuana vs Leon liguilla semifinals will take place on Thursday, November 22, 2012 (10:00 PM EDT) at the Estadio Leon in Guanajuato.  Leon as the #3 seed, gets to host the first game of the series, and will travel to Tijuana (#2 seed) on Sunday to complete the series.  Leon has been phenomenal in all aspects throughout the playoffs, and a good score at home will put them that close from becoming finalists.  Club Tijuana has also been great, and is on a current 17 game streak without a loss.

Leon vs Xolos, Flickr: marthax

The ‘panzas verdes’ had the best offense in the regular season with an outstanding 34 goals.  When they faced Cruz Azul in the playoffs, this offense once again demonstrated why they should be feared as they scored a total of four goals.  The team lead by coach Gustavo Matosas knows that in order to qualify into the final they need the offense to do what it knows best.

Fortunately for Leon, they know that the Xolos defense is not indestructible, or even better, they know that Tijuana is capable of losing.  During the second week of the regular season, Leon beat Xolos by a score of 4-0; that was not only Tijuana’s worst score in their first division history, but also their only loss of the entire Apertura 2012 campaign.  Therefore, Leon has the ability to beat Tijuana, but this greatly depends on their offense as the backline is their weakest point.

Xolos of Tijuana is conscious of what Leon did to them, but also, they are conscious that many weeks have passed since their ‘Noche Triste’, or the night they suffered their great defeat.  Today, Club Tijuana depends on the balance and functionality of its defense.  In fact, Xolos has only received a total of 13 goals since that night, meaning that defense is their game-changer.

A good result for Xolos on Thursday night will obviously be a victory, but considering the power of Leon at home, this will be a difficult task.  Therefore, a 1-1 or a 2-2 tie are scores which the border team can play with.

Xolos Tijuana vs Leon Prediction

The first leg of this semifinals series will be a tough game with an intense atmosphere. Both squads have a rivalry that began several years ago when they played in the second division.  On Thursday, Leon will demonstrate what their offense is capable of, but Xolos will show why they have the best defense in the league.  A tough contest, but Leon will take the lead at home with a 2-1 victory.  The Xolos Tijuana vs Leon series will get decided on Sunday in Tijuana, as the first leg will leave an inconclusive score.

Xolos Tijuana vs Leon Television

The Xolos Tijuana vs Leon liguilla first leg semifinal will be televised on Telemundo and their website on Thursday, November 22, 2012 at 10:00 PM EDT.

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