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A race to the bottom: Atlas and Queretaro

Source: Flickr - Carpaccio

Futility consumes Atlas and Queretaro, whom have combined for two wins in 34 games last season. Both teams found themselves switching coaches mid-season and now an overhaul of talent is expected at both camps.

Each point earned over the next 17 games this upcoming season will represent a safety-net that both teams lack. Both teams are currently tied for last place in the percentage table heading into the Clausura 2013. Queretaro and Atlas have both acquired 85 points out of 80 games and a 1-0 Queretaro victory over fellow bottom-dweller Puebla has made this race much more interesting.

Puebla is 11 points away from joining the above-mentioned teams. Puebla’s defense was one of the worst in the league and with a journeyman leading the offense in Matias Alustiza their future is gloomy.

What’s next: for Atlas the door is closing for various players like Matias Vuoso who continued to under-perform  Former Tigres standout Hector Mancilla is also in need of a spark to revive a once very promising career. For Atlas the changes will start at the top with the exit of Tomas Boy in the near future. Finishing win less in 11 games is unacceptable in this age of “win now, not later”.

Puebla is in need of points, goals and anything else they can get their hands on. Staunch performances have kept them alive but a repeat of this season can land them in the second division.

Queretaro has reportedly placed 30 players up for transfer; this is the first sign of desperation from a club that was last relegated in 2007. The lack of cohesion and increased pressure for performance leaves them as the heavy favorite to be relegated in 2013.

The product on the field has reflected the management of each team. The first step forward for each team is the winter transfer market. Their actions before a ball is kicked will determine who survives the upcoming tournament.