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Cruz Azul vs Leon 0 – 3 Highlights Liga MX Liguilla Second Leg

Source: Flickr - law_keven

Leon were just wonderful.  The panzas verdes were dominant, vertical, offensive, and precise in the second leg of the Cruz Azul vs Leon second leg game of the Liga MX quarterfinals.  With the 3-0 victory, the team from Guanajuato is now in the semifinals, while their Cinderella season gets bigger.

The Leon dominance over Cruz Azul began from the first eleven seconds after a quick shot from Burbano sliced past the top post.  After that, forward Matias Britos had his best day in Mexico because with his two goals, Leon was able to qualify into the next round.  Cruz Azul who had a 2-1 lead coming into the game, seemed lazy and defensive, as in attempting to control their one goal lead from the first leg game.  However, they forgot that Leon is a team that goes on the attack even as they have the lead.

There was simply no Cruz Azul throughout the game, maybe only for a good ten minutes to begin the first half.  Unfortunately for the team from Mexico City, there was a penalty kick not marked in their favor when Javier Aquino was fouled, and Mariano Pavone was also given a questionable red card.

At the end of the day, Leon scored three good goals and they were the superior team.  The newest member of the Liga MX can now say that they are far from the relegation battle, that they had the best offense in the league, that they made the playoffs, that their television is not owned by TV Azteca or Televisa, that they qualified to the Copa Libertadores, and now, that they are in the semifinals.  This is truly impressive, from a truly wonderful team.

Enjoy the Cruz Azul 0-3 Leon highlights:
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