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Jorge Vergara goes crazy and attacks a fan!

Right after the Chivas vs Toluca game ended in a 2-1 loss for Chivas, a Chivas fan two luxury boxes to the left of Vergara’s presidential luxury box starts berating the owner. Apparently, the combination of his team losing and a guy yelling at him was too much for Vergara, who proceeded to walk over to the fan’s luxury box and confront him.

Various Mexican news sources state that Vergara pushed the fan, and had to be restrained by his own staff before anything escalated. You can see a little bit of that in the video, which unfortunately is low quality. According to ESPN Deportes, Vergara continued his rampage by going down to the locker room and yelling at his players, only to be stopped by Van’t Schip.

Just one more peculiar incident from the ‘illustrious’ Jorge Vergara. Who knows, maybe this craziness is what Chivas needs to overcome Toluca… Enjoy the video:

[youtube mQN8C87gCSc]