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America vs Morelia 2 – 0 Highlights Liga MX Liguilla First Leg

Morelia vs Santos, Flickr - vivodefutbol

The America vs Morelia quarterfinal series was expected to be the tightest contest, well, Benitez put an end to that idea. Chucho Benitez had a great game, scoring two goals for America, and pretty much guaranteeing his team a spot in the semifinals of the Liga MX playoffs. Morelia’s fans were left disappointed at the Estadio Morelos.

The game itself was quite exciting, with several scoring opportunities on both sides of the pitch. However, Benitez turned out to be the difference maker, as he scored when given the opportunity. In order for Morelia to defeat America now, they must score at least three goals at the Estadio Azteca. Morelia needs either a 3-1 victory, or any other 2+ goal win where they score more than three goals (4-2, 5-3, etc). It looks like Morelia is done.

Enjoy the America 2-0 Morelia highlights:

[youtube C42ddTJL8BY]



  1. Like you said America is practically in semifinals, but there’s still 90 minutes to be played anything can happen. I don’t see Morelia scoring 3 goals on America simply because America has a great defense. If Morelia couldn’t score on America with Mosquera out then they will have a harder time trying to get past the defense with Mosquera back in. Plus Morelia lost Romero the leader of the defense and without him we can surely see America score more goals.


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