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Cruz Azul vs Monterrey 2012 – Liga MX Week 17

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The Cruz Azul vs Monterrey match will take place on Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 6:00 PM EDT at the Estadio Azul. Cruz Azul is basically guaranteed a spot in the playoffs, this match will simply decide whether they end up in 5th place or lower in the standings. Monterrey, on the other hand, must win if it wants to play in the playoffs (it can also go through with a draw, but only if both Jaguares and Tigres don’t win).

Cruz Azul will be looking to finish strong

It would take a monumental feat for Cruz Azul to not make it into the playoffs – Monterrey would have to beat them by several goals, and Jaguares would have to win by several goals as well. Furthermore, with no shot at getting a spot better than 5th, this game doesn’t have much at stake for Cruz Azul. However, the Cruz Azul vs Monterrey match does play an important role in what form the Mexico City based squad joins the playoffs with.

Cruz Azul vs Monterrey 2012It is certain that Vazquez won’t want to have his team enter the liguilla with back-to-back loses in their last two games. In Week 16, Cruz Azul played a good away game, but were overwhelmed in the second half by a feisty Santos squad that ultimately ended up winning 2-1. The match against Monterrey should be a great “warm-up” for the playoffs: Monterrey is a playoff quality opponent that will provide stiff resistance. If Cruz Azul were to lose against Monterrey, it would still get into the playoffs, but their chances of making a deep run in the liguilla would be slim, due to the bad form.

Monterrey – looking for the 3 points

Had Monterrey been able to defeat Toluca this past Wednesday, they would have had an easier task in Mexico City, a draw would have been enough to get into the playoffs. Instead, Monterrey drew 2-2 with Toluca, and must now defeat Cruz Azul in order to get into the liguilla. To make things even harder, Suazo, Monterrey’s leading scorer, will miss the game. Suazo was suspended for simulating a foul inside the box, which resulted in the game-tying goal for Monterrey.

A win does not guarantee Monterrey a spot in the playoffs. If Chivas defeats Xolos, that means that the last playoff spot would be disputed between Jaguares and Monterrey. They both have 22 points and a +0 goal differential- if both Jaguares and Monterrey win (and Chivas wins) the spot would go to the team that won by the highest goal differential. You can see how complicated the situation would get if Monterrey only tied with Cruz Azul. A loss immediately eliminates Monterrey from contention.

Cruz Azul vs Monterrey Prediction

This match will be a contested affair, with Monterrey fighting for a shot at the playoffs. Cruz Azul has won its last three home games, and they will certainly will want to continue that streak going into the playoffs. Monterrey hasn’t won an away game since September 16th, when they defeated Puebla 3-2, plus, Monterrey has played their last three matches at home, they might be unready for the travel. The Cruz Azul vs Monterrey match will end in a 2-1 victory for Cruz Azul. The loss of Suazo, added to Cruz Azul’s home winning streak and Monterrey’s inability to win away matches will be too much for Vucetich’s squad to handle.

Cruz Azul vs Monterrey Television

This match will be televised on Azteca America and Fox Deportes on Saturday, November 10 at 6:00 PM EDT.

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