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Which team has the finest stadium fans in the – Liga MX?

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FutnSoccer will begin a weekly article with the question: Which team has the best, loudest and most intense fans in the – …?  Every week, the soccer league of a different country will be evaluated to comprehend which club has the most devoted fans.  This will be calculated not by which team is the most popular, but rather by the fans that fill stadiums week-after-week, the fans that can contribute to the score as the 12th man, and by the fans that through music, chants, and noise make stadium life into what we know as the ‘beautiful soccer’. There will be a voting poll at the end of every article, while the purpose of these articles will be to have a final vote after analyzing the world’s best soccer leagues to identify which club has the “finest stadium” fans in the globe.


The first post in this new FutnSoccer section will be on the Mexican soccer league, the Liga MX.  There are a total of 18 teams in this league, but only twelve can be considered in the race for Mexico’s best stadium fans.

1. Club America :  The team from Coapa has the second largest fanbase in Mexico, and one of the biggest in the Americas.  This team also plays in the Estadio Azteca which fits more than 100,000 people therefore it is almost impossible to have a full stadium everytime they play.  However, Club America regularly has a good attendance and its crowd is famous for the commonly used ‘Vamos, vamos America’ chant.
[youtube k5Ei5-q3mT4 250 175]

2.  Club Atlas :  Yes Atlas is cruising through one of its worst moments in recent times due to terrible results that have put them near relegation.  However, this team with so much history has one of the most loyal fans in Mexico even though their last title was in the 1950s.  Their fans are always loud, they attend the Estadio Jalisco is decent numbers even through bad results, and most importantly, they are one of Mexico’s loudest.
[youtube n3K_nI3Bf3A 250 175]

3. Chivas of Guadalajara : As the most popular team in Mexico, Chivas has millions of followers in every corner of not only Mexico, but also in the United States.  This is a team that brings a lot of soccer passion to millions of households, and every time Chivas plays away from Guadalajara, the opponent’s stadium will have a large number of Chivas followers.  Yet at home in the Estadio Omnilife, Chivas suffers from packed stadiums; maybe due to expensive ticket prices, the fact that the new stadium is in the far end of Zapopan as opposed to the heart of Guadalajara as their previous stadium was located, or the team’s roller coaster results.  Regardless, Chivas has a large enough and loyal fanbase that it should pack its stadium every game, because when they do, their stadium becomes soccer music and allows this team to have one of the best stadium atmospheres in the continent.
[youtube boX9A20aoSI 250 175]

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