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Jaguares vs Pumas 2012 – Liga MX Week 16

Pumas vs Jaguares
Pumas vs Jaguares

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The Jaguares vs Pumas match will be played at the Estadio Victor Manuel Reyna (A.K.A Zoque) on Friday, November 2nd at 6:30pm PST. It should prove to be an entertaining match, as it presents two teams fighting for the last spots in the Liga MX playoffs.

Pumas, Carrillo Out, Torres Servin In

Mario Carrillo has left the team and Antonio Torres Servin is, once again, the coach in charge. With Villa lining up from the beginning, Pumas will search to start off the game strong and get the win. Pumas is in urgent need of 3 points, in order to reach the post season and get a place in playoffs.

Torres Servin has indicated that everyone in the team will be taken into consideration to start the game. This opens up the chances to see Luis Garcia, Romagnoli and Lozano playing some minutes. Pumas will have to use a combination of finesse and speed, in order to stop Jaguares and score some goals of their own.

Jaguares, still with a chance for a playoff spot

Jaguares is in no better position than Pumas. Only one point below Pumas, Jaguares is also going for the 3 points and a chance at a playoff spot. Jaguares will make use of their Colombian strikers, although Arizala will not line up due to suspension. This will force coach Cruz to change the team’s offensive line a bit.

Jaguares will also have a ceremony prior to the game in honor of Salvador Cabañas. In which they will give him recognition for the seasons Salvador played with the team. This will boost Jaguares’ confidence for the match- hopefully. Also, it is important to take in consideration that Jaguares is one of the 5 best teams at home.

Prediction: The last three Jaguares vs Pumas games held at Chiapas were wins for Jaguares, which makes it clear that this is no easy visit for Pumas. Pumas will be under a somewhat new scheme and perhaps adaptation to the new playing style will be an issue. This will be a game of speed, due to both teams’ urgency to score and get the three points. A win for Jaguares 1-0 is my prediction for the Jaguares vs Pumas match.

Television: The Jaguares vs Pumas match will be televised on Azteca America and Fox Deportes on Friday, November 2nd at 6:30pm PST.

View the Jaguares 3-0 Pumas highlights here.