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Chivas vs Atlas 2012 – Liga MX Preview

View the Chivas 2-0 Atlas highlights here.

In the Week 15 game that excites the media the most -Chivas vs Atlas- will be played this Sunday, October 28, 2012 (7:00 PM EDT) at the Estadio Omnilife.  On a regular season, Chivas of Guadalajara and Atlas would be strong contenders with good football, but this Apertura 2012 it has been the complete opposite.  This is a game that calls for the media’s attention because it is one of the 100 so-called ‘clasicos’ of the Mexican league.

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Sadly, this will be a poor ‘Clasico Tapatio’ because the city of Guadalajara is still living through the worst soccer curse in its history. Chivas just got eliminated from the Concachampions by a Guatemalan squad, Atlas is second to last in the league, and let’s not forget that Estudiantes Tecos was the last team to get relegated into the 2nd division.  Therefore, on Sunday we will witness a good game where Chivas plays for its life, but other than that, will it really be worth to call it a ‘clasico’?

Chivas has one last chance to stay alive

The goats have played poorly all throughout 2012, and this season has brought constant dissatisfactions to its fans.  While it has not been a great season, it has also not been the worst, and this has kept Chivas with little hope to remain in the fight for a playoff spot.  They currently sit in 13th place of the regular standings, only three points below the 8th seed Pumas.  If Pumas were to lose against America, and Chivas wins, then Guadalajara will be more alive than ever to be a playoff contender.  However, Chivas also requires three victories in its last three games, and considering they have only won four all season long, this will be a difficult task.  Nonetheless, the game against city-rivals, Atlas, will be a good parameter to understand where they stand in this league.  The offense could see the return of injured forward Rafael Marquez Lugo, and this could be their key to victory.

Atlas saved by Queretaro

Atlas has been far from good this season by only obtaining 11 points in fourteen games.  They are second to last in the relegation percentage battle, but Queretaro has done badly enough that Atlas still has a fair advantage to remain in the league.  The ‘rojinegros’ have a good squad with a good defense, but like Chivas, they have an offense that lacks creativity and more importantly, goals.  A win against Chivas will not only boost morale, but it will alleviate some pressure away from the relegation battle.  Atlas needs to play a counter-attack game that will allow them to keep a clean sheet.

Prediction:  In what I call the media’s ‘game of the week’, on Sunday we will have a game between two young weak sides with poor offense.  Chivas has the pressure to succeed because surprisingly they are still in fight for a playoff spot, and a win keeps their hopes alive.  The Chivas vs Atlas game has the home team Guadalajara as the favorites, partly because they already played a clasico against America earlier this season and won 3-1.  For Sunday’s game, it will be a close match, but Chivas will win a close match, 2-1.

Television:  The Chivas vs Atlas match will be shown this Sunday, October 28, 2012 at 7:00 PM EDT on Telemundo.