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Pumas vs America 2012 – Liga MX Week 15

Pumas vs America 2013
Pumas vs America, Flickr- Luca Penati

View the Pumas 0 – 1 America highlights here.

The Pumas vs America match will be held at the Estadio Olimpico Universitario on Sunday, October 28, 2012 at 11:00am PST.

Pumas- with their morale virtually destroyed

Pumas vs America 2012
Pumas vs America, Flickr- Luca Penati

Pumas had the worst game of the year last week, being defeated by Tigres by such a wide margin was completely unexpected. An overwhelming 5–0 took the players by surprise. Furthermore, Pumas did not even give an indication of the collective game they had been showing in prior games.

Against America, Pumas will not only be playing for a playoff spot, but they will be playing for honor. This is one of the matches considered to be high risk, being a very popular derby in Mexico City. Carrillo’s past in the Aguilas’ squad is what has gained the disapproval of the Pumas fans. This week Carrillo will face his old team and it does not seem like an easy task for Pumas.

America- at a slow but steady pace

America is far from being a spectacular team, or at least far from what coach Herrera has intended America to be. Anyway, they have managed to stay within the first eight positions through most of the season. They clearly do not seem like the strongest team, but regardless of this, America is always the team to beat, no matter who plays against them.

Battling Pumas this Sunday will be critical for their desires of going to the playoffs as well as keeping their fans happy. Furthermore, America needs to win to keep pace with Leon, and stay within striking distance of a Copa Libertadores spot. This is one of the ‘clasico’ games that cannot be lost, and America will clearly go for the win. The Pumas vs America match is just below the America vs Chivas match in terms of importance.

Pumas vs America prediction: As usual, this will be a game with battles on all lines: defense, midfield and offense. Pumas is now unpredictable due to the changes and decisions Carrillo has made, and it is uncertain if he will keep the same lineup that was badly beaten by Tigres. America comes from playing against Puebla this midweek, and perhaps that gives some advantage to Pumas, as they have had a whole week to concentrate on this match. A draw seems fair for this Pumas vs America game, 1-1.

Television: The Pumas vs America match will be televised on Univision this Sunday, October 28, 2012 at 11:00am PST.