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Chivas vs Jaguares Chiapas 2012 – Liga MX Week 13

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The Chivas vs Jaguares Chiapas match will be disputed this Sunday, October 14, 2012 at 6:00 PM EDT at the Estadio Omnilife. This will be an exciting match between two teams that a couple of weeks ago looked like they had no chance of getting into the playoffs. The winner of this Chivas vs Chiapas game will move into the playoff spots, and will have a legitimate shot to earn a playoff berth with just four more games remaining after this match. Will Chivas capitalize on its recent successes and achieve an important home win?

Just three weeks ago, Chivas had barely three points, Van’t Schip’s position as head coach was being questioned, and an appearance in the playoffs was just a dream. Now, after back-to-back wins against Tigres and Club America (view the America vs Chivas highlights here), Chivas finds itself with 16 points, one win away from surpassing hated Club America rival in the standings and moving into the playoff spots of course.

Chivas vs Jaguares ChiapasChivas has definitely improved in the last two weeks, against Tigres it was the clearly superior team, and earned a well-deserved 2-1 home victory. Against America, Chivas played another great match, and thanks to Marquez Lugo, was able to win by a comfortable score of 3-1. Chivas is now able to score on its offensive opportunities, something which it lacked for most of the season. If key players like Marquez Lugo,   Michel, Reynoso, and Fabian can click for the rest of the season, Chivas has a very good chance of earning a playoff berth.

Chiapas had an awful start of season: in the first seven games, it had five losses, a draw and a win. However, since then, Chiapas has greatly improved, going undefeated in its last five games with three wins and two draws. Chiapas now has 15 points, and is just one win away from getting into the playoff spots. Furthermore, Chiapas’ offensive firepower opened up last week against San Luis, and defeated them by an ample score of 4-0. Chiapas is on a hot streak and it will take an excellent game from Chivas to slow them down.

It’s not all good for Jaguares though, they are the second worst visiting team in the Liga MX, having earned just three draws and three losses (two draws coming in the last five games). Jaguares tends to over rely on defense when traveling, apparently Profe Cruz is happy to earn just one point when Jaguares visits other stadiums. I’m expecting Chiapas to go into the Omnilife hoping for a draw and playing accordingly.

Prediction: The Chivas vs Jaguares Chiapas match will be an exciting encounter between two teams that are currently riding hot streaks. Expect Chiapas to come in with a defensive, counterattacking style hoping to earn a draw. Chivas will be hoping to get the win that pushes them up in to the playoff spots. Chivas’s hot streak will prove too much for Chiapas, and Van’t Schip’s team will earn its third win in a row. The Chivas vs Jaguares Chiapas game will end in a 2-1 victory for Chivas.

Television: The Chivas vs Jaguares Chiapas match will be televised on Sunday, October 14, 2012 at 6:00 PM EDT on Telemundo.