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Cruz Azul vs Queretaro 2012 – Liga MX Week 13

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The Cruz Azul vs Queretaro match will be played on Saturday, October 13, 2o12 at 6:00 PM EDT at the Estadio Azul. This is a must-win game for Cruz Azul, there are only five games left in the Liga MX, and it must get what are considered the three easiest points in the Liga MX against weak rival, Queretaro. Otherwise, it risks falling off the playoff spots due to the fierce competition from teams #7-13 in the standings. Will Cruz Azul get its second home win of the season?

Cruz Azul vs QueretaroTwo weeks ago, Cruz Azul surprised the league by defeating Atlante 4-0, the surprise was not that Cruz Azul won, but rather that they scored four goals in a single game (Cruz Azul had only scored seven goals in the previous 10 games). In Week 12, they headed off to play a weak Atlas, and Cruz Azul fans were hoping that their team was going to play like it did against Atlante. Unfortunately, Cruz Azul regressed to the level of it has shown most of the season, and obtained a disappointing 1-1 draw. Now Cruz Azul has the chance to redeem itself in front of its home crowd against a terrible Queretaro squad that has not won a single match.

Queretaro is the worst team in the Liga MX, no question about it. Queretaro has allowed 24 goals and only scored seven, lost nine and tied three games, with no wins. However, last week, in what can be considered their shining moment of the season, Queretaro tied Santos 1-1 in a match everyone expected them to lose. Queretaro stopped a Santos squad that is currently in fourth place and a strong candidate to play in the playoffs, it was no easy task. The question is whether Queretaro will build some momentum from this, and go to the Estadio Azul with the hopes of stealing a point.

If Cruz Azul does not win and other scores combine against them, Cruz Azul could drop down to the 12th spot. With only four games remaining after this week, this Queretaro match is a must-win for Cruz Azul. Furthermore, Cruz Azul’s last four matches are against Xolos, Toluca, Santos and Monterrey: teams that are ranked #1, #2, #4, and #8 in the standings. Cruz Azul will have a very hard time getting points against these four teams, that is why it is forced to build a points cushion against Queretaro.

Prediction: The Cruz Azul vs Queretaro match should end in a victory for Cruz Azul, but Cruz Azul has had serious issues winning at home. I expect Queretaro will be playing better than it has most of the season, and it will not be an easy win for Cruz Azul. Still, the Cruz Azul vs Queretaro match will end in a 1-0 victory for Cruz Azul.

Television: The Cruz Azul vs Queretaro match will be televised on Saturday, October 13, 2o12 at 6:00 PM EDT on ESPN Deportes.

Prediction #2: If Cruz Azul does not defeat Queretaro, I predict that Cruz Azul will not make it to the playoffs. Their last four games are simply too tough.