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America vs Chivas 1 – 3 Highlights and Recap

The fast-paced, offensive styled game we had been waiting years to see in “el super clasico”, finally happened. A thrilling back and forth encounter between America and Chivas left a smile on Chivas fans’ faces across Mexico and the United States. A pair of long shots from Marquez Lugo gave Chivas the impressive win. However, don’t let the 3-1 score fool you, this was a very tight game that really could have gone either way.

Chivas knew it needed to win to keep its playoffs hopes alive, and it came out and played its best game of the season. Chivas now has 16 points and moves temporarily up to the 8th spot in the standings. America stays in 4th place with 18 points, but depending on the scores from the rest of the week, could drop down several spots.

Enjoy the America vs Chivas Highlights:

[youtube 4sn0nTs0bQ8]

Here’s another good video of the highlights:

[youtube U8-LKOfjtPQ]