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Santos vs Atlas 2012 – Liga MX Week 11

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The Santos vs Atlas match will be played on Wednesday, October 3rd at 9:00 PM EDT at the Estadio TSM. This will be a match between a team that’s on the rise (Santos), and a team that is still fighting the relegation battle (Atlas). Santos is coming off a great win at Atlante, while Atlas was destroyed at home by Toluca. Will Santos defeat Atlas and continue its climb to the top of the standings?

santos vs atlas 2012
Source: Flickr - vivodefutbol

Santos has been inconsistent most of this season, however, every once in a while they play like the team that won the Clausura 2012 (i.e. good). This has been enough to place Santos in the sixth spot of the Liga MX standings with 15 points: a result of four wins, three ties, and three losses. Last week they clearly defeated Atlante 3-1, and looked good for most of the game. The question is, will Santos build upon its good match at Atlante, or will it be consistently inconsistent and have another off game at home against Atlas?

Atlas is on its second coach of the season, Tomas Boy, but the team has the same results as before, ties, nothing but ties. Atlas hasn’t won a match since Week 2 (their only win of the season), and has accumulated a total of seven draws, two losses (and the win) this season. Atlas currently leads the league in draws, and is seemingly unable to win. Furthermore, they are currently fighting against relegation, and if it weren’t for Queretaro’s disastrous season, Atlas would be at the bottom of the relegation table.

To put it plain and simple, Santos is inconsistent, but has enough talent to pull of the wins; Atlas is a team that is completely unable to win.

Prediction: The Santos vs Atlas match will be a turning point for Santos. With the season ending, I believe it is time for Santos to start increasing its level of play in time for the playoffs. Even though they have been inconsistent so far, I believe that they will get better starting with this match against Atlas. Atlas is a mediocre team that is lucky to have Queretaro in the league, otherwise they would be first in line to go to the Ascenso MX. The Santos vs Atlas match will be an easy win for Santos, who takes it by a score of 2-0.

Television: The Santos vs Atlas match will be televised this Wednesday, October 3 at 9:00 PM EDT on Galavision.