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Chivas vs Pumas 2012 – Liga MX Week 9

Final Score Update: Chivas and Pumas tied 0-0 in a match that reserved all of its action for the last ten minutes of the game. In those last minutes, Tito Villa missed two very easy chances to score for Pumas. Luis Perez did his part to keep the tie by missing an injury time penalty kick for Chivas (on a very dubious call by the ref). Both teams are still out of playoff standings. View the standings here.


The Chivas vs Pumas 2012 match will be held on Sunday, September 23rd at 3:00pm PST at Estadio Omnilife.

Chivas, looking up

Chivas vs Pumas
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Chivas is a team of tradition, but for the last couple of years, many followers and fans have been let down and disappointed by the decisions Jorge Vergara has made. Now with Johan Cruyff in command, the future looks uncertain. John Van’t Schip is trying to put the team back on track, as it seemed completely lost after years of Vergara mismanagement.

Perhaps the team is not back on track yet, with only 2 wins 3 ties and 3 losses, numbers are definitely not in their favor; however, attitude within the team seems to be positive, and not disruptive. That might be a good factor for this match.

Pumas, lost and losing

Pumas is a team that has fans on a rage, with only 3 wins 1 tie and 4 lost games. Carrillo is definitely a “persona non grata” thanks to some declarations he made while working as a commentator for television (Futbol Picante on ESPN Deportes). If we add to this last week’s match, losing against San Luis showed that he is not the right person to be in charge.

We must not forget the players as well, you might have Mario Zagallo or Pep Guardiola as coach but if players are not responding then we have a serious problem. Some examples of this are Martin Bravo and Luis Garcia, the first not committing to the team as he pledged when renewing contract and the second still not adapting to the team’s requirements.

Chivas vs Pumas 2012 Prediction: Pumas is going to visit Chivas, they have not won a game in Guadalajara in decades. Pumas is doomed to lose once again by 1-0, in a match that will perhaps be fast due to the age of the teams: both populated by young players. Michel will be key to stop Villa and hopefully Carrillo lines up Palacios as a goalkeeper.

Television: The Chivas vs Pumas match will be shown this Sunday at 3 PM Pacific on Telemundo.