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Chivas vs Puebla – Apertura 2012 Week 7 Preview

Chivas of Guadalajara will host a slumping Puebla at the Estadio Omnilife on Sunday, September 2, 2012 at 6:00 PM

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EDT.  Chivas comes into the game after two weeks of rollercoaster results which saw them win two and lose two.  Puebla won its first game of the season last week against a weaker San Luis, and they will attempt to begin a winning streak this Sunday.  This is a poor game between two weak teams that are in dire need for points.  Therefore, the ‘Match of the Weakest’ will allow the winner to separate itself from the bottom position on the regular standings.

In Week 6, Chivas gave a poor performance at home against Monterrey who seems to have got back to form.  However, in the middle of the week, also at home, with three goals from Marco Fabian and one from Carlos Fierro, Guadalajara took a 4-0 victory in the CONCACAF Champions League.  Although it was a win against a bad team, the game allowed Chivas to get out of the no-scoring slump.  In order to win against Puebla, Chivas needs to play around Fabian who undeniably is the most talented player, and who has the ability to lead this team to a different direction.  They will face Puebla who has zero to no offense and whose defense has already allowed eleven goals.  Chivas has played a bad season, but a win against Puebla could still give them a slim chance of revival and playoff hope (?).

Puebla had its first victory of the season on Week 6 against San Luis after a wonderful goal by Diego De Buen.  Although it was a victory, it was a poor game with few scoring opportunities.  Scoring has been a difficult task for this team thus far into the season, and in order to win against Chivas this must change.  How, is the biggest concern because DeMarcus Beasley and Matias Alustiza have played fair, but the players around them cannot find form, or are just under-talented.  Puebla has a strong opportunity to get on track in the Liga MX after it faces Chivas because on paper they face a weak team, but this will be difficult if the defense and offense play like they have; in other words, Puebla will need to change their style to take three points out of the Omnilife.

Prediction: Chivas is currently on up-and-down form but it has played better after the incorporation of its gold medalist Olympians.  Marco Fabian scored three in the week, and this streak will live-on after Puebla because he is the player that will lead Chivas to victory.  Puebla is weak, poor, boring, unbalanced; even for Chivas.  ‘La Franja’ does not have the talent to win many games this season and unfortunately they will not against Chivas.  The game will be intense between two conservative teams; Chivas beats Puebla 2-1.

Television: The Chivas vs Puebla match will be shown on Telemundo this Sunday, September 2 at 6:00 PM Eastern.