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Leon vs Santos – Week 4 Liga MX Preview

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The Leon vs Santos game at Nou Camp on Friday, August 10, 2012 at 9:30 PM EST may very well be the best match of the week. We’re going to get to see the Liga MX champion face off against the Ascenso MX champion; furthermore, both teams have had a good beginning to the season. This Leon vs Santos match will be just the second Primera Division match played at Nou Camp in over 10 years, expect the crowd to be as frenzied as it was in the match against Xolos two weeks ago.

The last time these two teams played, Leon overwhelmed Santos and easily defeated them 2-0.  Sure, it was just a friendly match at the Home Depot Center, but the intensity at which Leon played with is what I can still recall. If Leon can bring that intensity to the Nou Camp, they may very well come up with a win. And I really think they will, Leon is a team that never gives up, whether they’re piling it on Xolos, or fighting until the last moment to try to get a tie with Toluca. Matosas has done a wonderful job motivating this team, which has  played well without having any major stars on its team (they do have a decent squad thanks to the gifts… err I mean “trades” with big brother Pachuca).

Santos vs Leon
Nou Camp, Source: Flickr - marthax

Santos can be found on the opposite side of the “intensity scale” from Leon; they have won two games and tied one without really clicking as a team, essentially going half-gas. Last week they had Puebla down for the count, yet they let the very inferior Puebla team come back and tie them 2-2 at home; a clear sign that Santos isn’t playing at their best level. However, Santos is riddled with star players: Gomez, Sanchez, Baloy, Quintero, etc., making them a dangerous rival in any match (just take a look at the standings).

Prediction: Even though Leon lost against Toluca, they still looked good and could have tied the match against a very good Toluca team if luck had gone their way. On the other hand, Santos usually looks bleh with intermittent sparks of offensive brilliance, which has helped them remain undefeated. I expect Leon will once again rise to the intensity level that their loyal fans deserve, and Santos will be taken aback by their first true Liga MX challenge (no offense to Chivas fans), and get the win. The score will be Leon 2 – Santos 1.

Television:  UPDATE– LEON DID NOT REACH AN AGREEMENT WITH TV AZTECA, THE GAME WILL NOT BE TELEVISED. The Leon vs Santos match will be on Fox Deportes on Friday, August 10, 2012 at 10:30 PM EST.

Half Time Score: Leon 1 – Santos 0

Full Time Score: Leon 3 – Santos 0. Fantastic win by Leon, they will be a force to reckon with at home!

Click here for the Santos vs Leon, Friday, January 25, 2013 game and tv information.