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Pumas vs Queretaro – Week 2 Liga MX Preview

Pumas vs Queretaro 2012
Source: Flickr - Pxteca

Pumas will be hosting Queretaro on Sunday, July 27, 2012 at 10:00 am PST in the Olimpico Universitario of C.U for week 2 of the Liga MX.

Pumas trying to make C.U. a stronghold

Pumas will be playing to obtain the three points and use their local status in their advantage to defeat Queretaro, and obtain their first win of the season.

After returning from last week’s tie versus Atlas, Pumas needs to show that their collective game is starting to solidify; they also need to start playing to score goals (i.e. Del Olmo needs to be more aggressive). New players such as Emanuel Villa and Luis Garcia will be key in making the team strong at home.

Del Olmo definitely needs a combination of players that can show a fast paced moving of the ball to make the game worth watching.

Queretaro, another crucial game

Queretaro comes from a loss at home versus Leon. They need to figure out a way to save themselves from another loss as their percentage is at 1.058, just above from Atlas who has 1.000. This means that they are at risk of descending to Mexico’s second tier division.

Queretaro needs the magic of Carlos Bueno, who came back to bring the team together as he did a couple of seasons ago. De los Cobos has in his hands a difficult task and their roster is struggling to show a game that can be qualified as interesting.

Prediction: This will be a game in which both teams will attempt to play a possession style of soccer, keeping the ball on the ground. Possession of the ball will be key, I expect both teams will clog up the midfield, leading to a tight game. In the end though, Del Olmo’s squad will simply overpower Queretaro with sheer talent, and get a tough win. Pumas will defeat Queretaro 2-1.

Television: Pumas will continue playing at their regular time, 10:00 AM PST. The match will be shown on Univision.