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Liga MX Apertura 2012 Team by Team Analysis – C.F. Pachuca

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C.F. Pachuca was one of the stronger and most regular teams in the Clausura 2012 by finishing in 6th place of the regular season standings with 28 points.  Although they had a fair offense with 24 goals and a good defense with 17 goals against, Pachuca was a team that controlled the ball with a balanced playing style under then coach Efrain Flores.  Pachuca was a team that to some made the playoffs by surprise because they did not have many big-name players and nonetheless their playoff run was short-lived as they lost to Club America in the first round.

To prepare for the Apertura 2012 of the new Liga MX, Pachuca is the team that made the most notorious headlines by signing several top caliber players and coach.  The first change was to remove coach Efrain Flores and replace him by outspoken Hugo Sanchez.  Although Hugo Sanchez has had up and downs in his managerial career, he is a big name and also one of the most prestigious of coaches in the Mexican league.  With Hugo Sanchez, many top players decided to play for Pachuca like Nery Castillo, Raul Tamudo, Paulo Da Silva, Alberto Medina, and Nestor Calderon.  The first four players mentioned come directly from European teams while the last two were regulars in Chivas and Toluca respectively.  These signings made Pachuca into the team to watch and the team to fear.  Its defense was only hurt by the absence of Javier Mustafa but the incorporation of Paulo Da Silva is an upgrade.

Pachuca declares itself as “Mexico’s team”, and nonetheless with an extraordinarily talented squad they are.  This squad is now amongst the most talented in the Americas with an offense that will have the privilege to put some of its forwards in the bench.  Pachuca will have to prove it has the ability to score many goals but it will have to play strong enough to defeat squads that have been playing together for several seasons like Monterrey or Santos Laguna.  This team will be a title contender while its only weakness will be to learn how to play as a balanced team with its many new player incorporations.

Source: Wikipedia


Coach: Hugo Sanchez

Players In: Paulo Da Silva, Nery Castillo, Oscar Rojas, Nestor Calderon, Raul Tamudo, Alberto Medina, Jorge Hernandez,

Players Out: Juan Carlos Rojas, Carlos Gerardo Rodriguez, Edy Brambila, Javier Mustafa, Jaime Ayovi

Players to Watch: Nery Castillo, Raul Tamudo, Paulo Da Silva, Hector Herrera

Prospect Players: Marco Bueno, Javier Cortes, Hector Herrera

Possible Lineup:  Rodolfo Cota, Nestor Vidrio, Paulo Da Silva, Leobardo Lopez, Oscar Rojas, Hector Herrera, Jose Francisco Torres, Nestor Calderon, Mauro Cejas, Nery Castillo, Raul Tamudo


Playoffs Contender: Yes

Title Contender: Yes

Power Ranking: 3 of 18