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Liga MX Apertura 2012 Team by Team Analysis – Jaguares

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The Clausura 2012 for Jaguares was a good season that led them to the playoffs as the eight seed.  Chiapas has been a mid-table squad for several seasons, and in the Clausura they had a fair offense with 26 goals and a good defense that took 20 goals but which also only lost three matches.  The success of Jaguares was greatly do to the offensive threat of Colombian-trio Jackson Martinez, Luis Gabriel Rey, and Franco Arizala.

Several changes were made by coach Jose Guadalupe Cruz prior to the new Liga MX.  Although the base of the team was left intact, striker Jackson Martinez is following fellow Colombian Radamel Falcao’s steps by transferring to FC Porto of Portugal.  With this move Jaguares obtained a hefty sum of money as it is said the transfer was around $10 million, however they also lost the best player in the team and one of the best in the Liga MX.  To fulfill that spot, Chiapas signed the young nineteen year old Colombian Drogba, Jhon Cordoba, however Jaguares may prefer the more experienced duo of Luis Gabriel Rey and Franco Arizala to lead the attack.

Jaguares has the potential to repeat into the playoffs if their defense is strong, especially with the incorporation of defender Leiton Martinez, however, with the recent injury of Edgar Andrade and the poor experience of Jackson Martinez’s sub—Cordoba—this team will have a difficult time winning games.  They have a fair squad but the big name teams of the Liga MX are well prepared for this tournament therefore playoffs are not in the trajectory of this team.

Source: Wikipedia


Coach: Jose Guadalupe Cruz

Players In: Jhon Cordoba, Elgabry Rangel, Leiton Jimenez, Jose Carlos Castillo, Mariano Trujillo

Players Out: Jackson Martinez, Jorge Hernandez

Players to Watch: Edgar Andrade, Leiton Jimenez, Jhon Cordoba

Prospect Players: Jhon Cordoba

Possible Lineup: Edgar Hernandez, Leiton Jimenez, Ismael Fuentes, Omar Flores, Yasser Corona, Elgabry Rangel, Jorge Marcelo Rodriguez, Edgar Andrade, Luis Miguel Noriega, Franco Arizala, Luis Gabriel Rey


Playoffs Contender: No

Title Contender: No

Power Ranking: 13 of 18