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Liga MX Apertura 2012 Team by Team Analysis – Chivas de Guadalajara

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Chivas had one of its best regular seasons when it obtained first place of regular season standings in the Apertura 2011 but then had a season to forget in the Clausura 2012.  With a lack of reinforcements, all the pressure was put on the young players, many who have not even reached the age of 20 as is the case with Erick Torres, Jesus Sanchez, and Carlos Fierro.  With no real experience in the offense, Chivas lacked major offensive productivity having one of the league’s worst offenses with only 12 goals while receiving a decent 21.  This led them to make fifteen points while finishing in a poor 15th place; terrible for North America’s most popular team.

Entering the Apertura 2012 of the new Liga MX, Chivas owner Jorge Vergara changed the direction of the team by signing a group led by soccer legend Johann Cruyff who will attempt to lead this team to victory with the same managerial ideology he led FC Barcelona, and Ajax in the past.  Cruyff’s first change was signing Holland’s John Van’t Schip as the team’s new coach.  Moreover, adding new experienced players was a big goal for the preseason, and after going after stars like Aldo De Nigris, Gerardo Lugo, or Javier Orozco, they signed midfielder Luis Perez and striker Rafael Marquez Lugo.

Guadalajara is a team that has the ability to play for a title.  However, it is also a very young team with many up-and-downs which is why they are not repeatedly in the playoffs.  Chivas lost defender Jhonny Magallon to Leon, and forward Alberto Medina to Pachuca, meaning they still depend on the ability of their young players once again.  This team will be led by a veteran player in each line; Luis Michel in the goal, Hector Reynoso in the defense, Luis Perez in the midfield, and Rafael Marquez Lugo in the offense.  Balance and offensive productivity are factors Van’t Schip will focus on, but do not aim your hopes too high as this team will have a hard time reaching the playoffs after most of Mexico’s big name teams added more and better player additions to their corresponding squads.

Source: Wikipedia

Coach: John Van’t Schip

Players In:  Rafael Marquez Lugo, Luis Perez, Liborio Sanchez

Players Out: Alberto Medina, Edgar Mejia, Jhonny Magallon, Dionicio Escalante, Jorge Mora

Players to Watch: Luis Perez, Rafael Marquez Lugo, Marco Fabian

Prospect Players: Marco Fabian, Erick Torres, Carlos Fierro

Possible Lineup: Luis Michel, Kristian Alvarez, Hector Reynoso, Omar Esparza, Miguel Ponce, Patricio Araujo, Luis Perez, Marco Fabian, Jesus Sanchez, Omar Arellano, Rafael Marquez Lugo


Playoffs Contender: Yes

Title Contender: No

Power Ranking: 11 of 18